Best Alternatives for Cydia

For IOS devices that has just been jail broken, users usually look for new apps through the well-known cydia. However, there are some features that some users are looking for that Cydia is not offering that other Cydia-like alternatives could offer. Here are the best Cydia alternatives that you could use.

1. Mojo Installer

Mojo Installer does not require for your device to be jail broken for you to be able to use it for looking for new apps for your phone or iPad. Though there are still improvements needed for this program, its developers are continuously working on it. If you wish to install Mojo Installer, here are the following steps:

a. Go to your safari browser and type in the web address,

b. Then, click on install on your device button.

c. Press the build a custom profile option.

d. You will be directed to the sub menu profiles. Press install option button.

e. The site will notify you that Mojo Installation has already been installed and is ready to be used.

f. Close your browser and go to your home screen.

g. Start using your Mojo.

2. Inocydia

Another popular program for jail breakers, Inocydia is considered one of the bests, easy to use and gives you access to blocked and cracked apps in IOS. You could use Inocydia with IOS 7 to 10th version.

How to install:

a. On your Safari browser, type in

b. Press the install option

c. Once it gets uploaded, you are now ready to use it.

3. Zestia

Although Zestia does not work fully as a jail break, it works as another alternative for Cydia. It is easy to install and to use.

How to install:

a. Type in your Safari browser,

b. Press the install option at the center of the page and on the top right corner of your screen.

c. Installation process will start. Once the trust this profile text box appears, click allow.

d. Zestia app will now appear on your home screen.

e. Click the icon and now you could start using it.

4. Tweakbox

With numerous loyal users, you cannot go wrong with Tweakbox. You will be able to use Tweakbox even without having to jail break your device. It is user-friendly and is fast to install. It is also fast in downloading apps.

How to Install:

a. Type on the URL the address on your Safari browser.

b. Press get app option

c. Trust the profile by going to settings>general> profile and device management

d. TweakBox icon will appear on your home screen and is ready to be used.

5. Emus4u

Emus4u is another program that you won’t need for your device to be jailbroken. It is compatible with iOS 11 devices and is another great alternative for Cydia. Here are the following steps to install it:

a. On your Safari browser, type in

b. Press on the install on your device option.

c. The site will notify you that it is trying to open your settings to configure and will ask if you will allow it. Press the allow option.

d. Encode a password and press the install option.

e. Press the install option again.

f. Once done, press done and check the Emus4u icon on your home screen.


With the list above, we hope this article has helped you find the best Cydia alternative that would address your needs and able to download as many apps as you wish.

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