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Watching and looking for music videos, commercials, vlogs, movies, reactions, etc., the first thing that would come into one’s mind usually is YouTube. Though YouTube is widely used and is very popular all over the world, the changes that has been made recently has brought numerous complaints and its patrons are looking for other alternatives where they could enjoy watching their videos.

Below are just a few streaming sites which could be alternatives for YouTube.

1. DailyMotion

Another popular site that could compete with and be an alternative for YouTube is DailyMotion. Its features and its interface are similar with YouTube and because of this, patrons of YouTube consider DailyMotion as one great alternative. However, downsides are that this site’s HD videos are limited to its pro users and it has a limitation of uploading videos with a maximum space of 4GB or maximum of 60 minutes.

2. Vimeo

Though Vimeo is not considered as a competitor of YouTube, it is one of the best video streaming platforms. It is where you could find videos and clips shot by both filmmakers and personal videos. Unlike other streaming sites, this sites ensures that you will not get distracted by flashy background while watching.

The downside though is that Vimeo only allows to upload up to 500MB weekly.

3. Metacafe

This site has about 40 million viewers and its videos are mostly of high quality and gives no-non-sense experience. However, take note that this site only allows videos up to 90 second limit only.

4. Vevo

Love music videos? Vevo is your best bet. It provides endless music videos and are of high quality. It is also easy to use and its interface is simple.

However, since Vevo caters to music videos, the content of videos shown are limited and uploading your own video is restricted.

5. Twitch

Twitch is specially created for gamers. Its videos are mostly about games and this site is ideal for live broadcasts. As for its payout, it is less than YouTube and you will not be able to rewind videos

and since this site is usually catered to gamers, it is also a bit slower than normal streaming of normal videos.

6. The Internet Archive

This platform is more of a WayBack machine where videos, documentaries, TV series and movies are archived or stored. The Internet Archive provides a huge range and houses numerous videos you could watch.

7. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is usually seen and is popular in Facebook and Twitter. It is a platform for images, memes, GIFs, etc. If you wish to be entertained and have fun, this platform is for you. However, you will have to be conscious as this platform also caters videos that are NSFW.

8. Veoh

Veoh offers simple and clean interface which you could upload any length of videos. It comes with social features where you could interact with friends through joining groups and forums.

9. Flickr

Flickr is another alternative as it allows one to upload videos. However, in a limited capacity only. This platform could be accessed freely and could enjoy 90 second videos.

10. Photobucket

Similar to Flickr, Photobucket offers diverse high quality repository user generated videos. Downside is it has limited content.

11. DTube

DTube is one of the best alternatives of YouTube with its similar interface and features. Its videos are categorized by hot, trending and recently watched videos. Like YouTube, it also has a watch later feature.

DTube is proud that you could watch without any advertisements and streaming is completely free. Also if you upload a video you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. The only downside is its low number of videos.

12. IGTV

Owned and shown in Instagram, the IGTV offers videos that could be watched on smartphones and videos could be uploaded through desktops. Videos are available to all Instagram users and any length of video is allowed.

13. The Open Video Project

Looking for educational video streaming platform? The Open Video Project is for you. It has about 195 video segments. The Open Video Project is known as a repository of videos, documentaries and historical videos. The videos seen in this platform are produced and given by US government agencies.

14. Facebook Search Bar

Facebook search bar usually is used for finding people, places and pages. However, it has a new trick that only a few noticed. There is now a videos tab which you could search any video you would wish to watch. The only downside is videos in this site is limited.

15. PeerTube

PeerTube is another decentralized platform. It is a peer to peer video streaming which you could also share and host. This site does not have advertisements and you could look for videos according categories such as what is trending. This platform does not ban or sensor videos so you could freely upload any video you wish to.


YouTube has been the number one platform in terms of watching and uploading videos however it has also ensured a number of rules and regulations which gives limitations to its users and watchers. With this, finding an alternative is a good solution should you wish to have that freedom to be able to upload and watch videos without having any restrictions. Hopefully the list above has given you ideas on which platform you could use instead.

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