Best Apps to Help Identify Plants and Trees

If you have just moved to a place that comes with a garden or yard full of plants and trees, and with summer around the corner, it will be exciting to see the different types of plants that could bloom and emerge here and there in your own home. However, identifying them might come of a challenge or would be a bit difficult to pinpoint which is which. Hence, through this article, we will feature four best apps that could help you identify different types of plants and trees ant they are the following:

1. Picture This

This app does not only have the ability to identify the type of plants you would wish to know through pictures, it also provides and sends its users reminders to water the plants. In addition to that, Picture This also includes with guides and advices coming from professionals, garden and horticulture specialists. Furthermore, using this app is easy to use with it having a simple and user-friendly interface. What is more impressive about Picture This is it allows you to be able to share different pictures of plants to other plant lovers like you and help you keep track of all the trees, plants and flowers that you have.

2. Smart Plant Home

Created by Garden Compass, LCC, Smart Plant Home is created for those who are taking care of plants at home. This app is offered for free and comes with monthly tips, advices, tricks and reminders on how to take care of your plants. Through this app, you will be able to ask real time questions about your home plants and you will get answers and advices from professional real horticulturists. In addition to that, with this app being connected to physical garden centers all over the United States, you will be able to get into partner retailer shops where you could scan barcodes and get information or details about the plant/s you are planning on purchasing.

3. Garden Answers Plant Id

For iPad and iPhone users, Garden Answers Plant Id is a perfect app for plant lovers. It has the ability to identify over about 20,000 plants and it could provide you accurate and very detailed information about any plant you would wish to learn about. All you have to do is take a picture of the plant and this app will automatically provide you information from garden and horticulture experts. In addition to that, this app could also provide you information about insect infestation and possible diseases that your plant could encounter.

Garden Answers Plant Id is one of the most downloaded gardening apps in App store and has been able to provide amazing improvements and updates. Furthermore, this app is simple and easy to use and we highly recommend this app especially for those who are interested in plants and gardening.

4. PlantSnap Pro: Identify Plants

Want to know what kind of flower, succulent, mushroom, tree, cacti? Your best bet would be PlantSnap Pro. This app comes in 30 languages and has a database of about 625,000 types of plants. It also has about 94 percent accurate algorithm and has an auto detect features. This app requires iOS12 for you to be able to use its augmented reality plant identification features.


Identifying the type of plant and getting information about it could be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are now plant identifying apps which you could use. Not only they could identify the type of plant you would wish to learn about, you could also get useful advices from, garden and horticulture professionals. So, what are you waiting for? Try these apps mentioned above and enjoy gardening!

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