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August Smart Lock Review — Should You Trust August To Unlock Your Home?

Apple’s one of a kind online key is available for those who seek both safety and convenience. August Smart Lock is an internet based home key available for access via a smart phone. People don’t need to duplicate their keys to distribute access to their homes to authorized people.

Guests, family members and other loved ones that are living with or authorized by the home owners only get online via their mobile phones to let themselves in residential units. Primary home owners don’t need to fear burglars and trespassers stealing their keys or duplicating their keys without knowledge. The secrets to accessing home entries are all stored securely in online accounts via smart phones.

Product Description 

August Smart Lock works in cooperation with August Connect in securing the online key to each individual home. August Connect and August Smart Lock are individual devices that users plug into outlets. August Connect operates via a LAN or Wi-Fi internet connection to have the August Smart Lock up and running. Users are able to monitor and control authorization of all entries to their homes via the smart lock’s online apps.

Features and Benefits 

Individual August Connect for Each Smart Lock 

An individual August Connect needs to work with each smart lock for the former to stay online constantly. This online smart lock features enhances home security against unauthorized entries that might occur without the primary home owner’s awareness. Apple does it best when it comes to looking at all angles in securing users’ welfare.

August Compatible with iPhones and Androids 

August online apps work only with iPhones and Androids. iPhone and Android smart phones are among the top mobile brands in the market. For this reason, most mobile phone owners have always found it easy to access the August Connect and Smart Lock online apps.


Users have the privilege to come up with out of this world passwords or passphrases for their August online accounts. This privilege definitely beats having manual keys stolen or duplicated by individuals with negative intentions.

Moreover, August users now don’t need to rummage through their pockets and purses to get the manual home keys.


August online accounts are available only for access in limited smart phone brands. At times, this is projected to pose inconveniences to some potential users. This is particularly true for those August potential users who can’t afford iPhone and Android smart phones.

Final Verdict 

August Smart Lock is almost perfect, if only it streamlines its accessibility to low key smart phone brands. Apple is should make home safety and accessibility available to more people in the years to come.




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