Best Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag chairs have made a noise when it was first launched in the market. It has made its way into every homes and rooms of not only teens but adults as well. With this, we have researched and made a list of top ten best bean bag chairs found in the market and we have gone through reviews, ratings, advantages and disadvantages and we came up with the following best:

1. Big Joe Milano Chair, Stretch Limo Black

Big Joe Milano Chair comes with a modern and classic design that could be placed even in offices. It offers a relaxing leaning back portion which gives its users optimum comfort. This model comes in different colors, has a double zipper which could be found on both sides. It is easy to clean at the same time it is water and stain resistant as well. This means, you will not have to worry about kids spilling liquid on it. Aside from that, this bean bag chair comes with UltimaX beans which functions as something that would follow the shape of the body of the person sitting on it. Lastly, this chair is light as it only weighs around 5 pounds.

2. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair

When you say oversized bean bag chair, you will and could never go wrong with Flash Furniture. This bean bag chair comes with a fashionable design which you could put in your teenager’s bedroom. It is also comfortable and is perfect for all ages. No matter if you are tall or short or heavy in weight, you will be able to enjoy its comfortability feature.

Flash Furniture Bean Bag chair is made of up of high quality upholstery and cotton twill. It is easy to clean. If you spill anything on it all you have to do is clean it with a damp cloth and all stains will be gone. This bean bag chair weighs about 12 pounds only and has numerous positive reviews.

3. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Best Bean Bag Chair

If you are a bit taller or have a bigger stature, then this brand and model would be a perfect fit for you. It comes with a measurement of six foot and is considered one of the largest bean bags found in the market. It comes in earth, brown and assorted colors to choose from. It is safe even for children as it includes child safety zipper, microfiber protective liner which could be removed for washing and for it to be cleaned in case of stains or accidents. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about your bean bag getting out of shape as all you have to do to restore it to its original shape is just to fluff it every after use.

The only downside of this model is it could be large for it to fit in some rooms.

4. Big Joe Large Fuf in Comfort Suede Black Onyx

Big Joe Large Fuf is almost similar in size with Sack 6-Feet. It is a bean bag chair which could be placed in your gaming room or in your living room in front of your television and though this product is huge, it is very comfortable and fluffy which makes it great for relaxing. Big Joe Large Fuf is about 4 feet in length and is made of high quality materials. It comes in different colors and styles that you would surely enjoy. Its foam is recycled which means, this product is environmental friendly. The downside however, is its zippers could be a little hard to work with.

5. Chill Bag – Cheap Best Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5 Feet Charcoal

Similar to the bean bag chairs mentioned and featured above, Chill bean bag is similar and is in the larger scale. Aside from that, this bean bag product comes in a high ground fashion with its 34 inches in height measurement. In terms of colors, you will not be disappointed with its wide range of colors. It foam is soft and is in micro suede form. It also comes with a child safety zipper which makes this product easy to clean. Chill bean bag is made in the US which means, you could be assured with its high quality. The only challenge you will experience in using this bean bag is you will need to fluff it before using it.

6. Big Joe XL Fuf in Comfort Suede, Black Onyx

If you are in a budget and looking for comfortable bean bag chair for adults, you will not need to look farther as Big Joe XL Fuf is your best bet. This chair could be used as a small couch or love sofa. It also comes in different colors and would suit your living room. It is made by a reputable and reliable manufacturer yet it is a product that is affordable. Its foam is made of environmental friendly materials and is very spongy and absorbent which makes it very comfortable to sit down on. This bean bag is 6 feet in length and could accommodate wide variety of guests.

7. Big Joe Lumin Chair, Limo Black

Big Joe Lumin Chair, comes in different colors such as limo black, green, blue and red. It is very affordable and is great for any gaming room. This bean bag chair is highly recommended for children and teenagers. It is made of waterproof fabric which makes it easy to clean, it is made of high quality materials and its sides are double stitched with zippers for safety.

8. Comfy Sacks Memory Foam

Though this bean bag chair is one of the most expensive featured in this list, it is one of the most loved products and comes with numerous positive reviews from its users. It is a huge fluffy bean bag that offers comfort and is made of high quality materials. As for its aesthetics, this chair offers dozens of colors and styles. It is easy to clean and could even be washed in washing machines. It is also very durable and has a safety zipper which makes this product perfect for children.

9. Big Joe King Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair is another amazing product by Big Joe King. It is perfect to be placed in front of your television, gaming rooms, study rooms, etc. It is made of environmental friendly materials and it is very comfortable. Its inner lining makes this chair very durable and it comes with safety zippers which makes it safe even for children.

10. Big Joe Lux 132” Teardrop in Shag, Ivory

Big Joe Lux 132 comes with measurements of 2 feet, 2.5 foot, 4 foot and 6 foot. Compared to other bean bag chairs featured in this article, this model is a bit smaller but is fashionably designed to fit any of your rooms at home. It is very comfortable and its foam is tested numerous times. It is also very durable with its double stitch.

11. David Faux Suede 8 Feet Lounger

This chair is one of the largest and most affordable bean bag chairs in the market. It is 8 foot and could be considered as a great deal furniture. It could accommodate more than one person and could be considered as lounger. It is easy to clean and its cover is washable. It zipper is double layered and is safe for children. With that said, this product is also puncture proof which means, this chair is very durable.

12. Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop

Gold Medal bean bag chair is an award winning product. It is made in the US and comes with a wide range of different colors to choose from. It is also designed with leather materials and it is double stitched for durability. Its zipper is child proof and is safe for children. The only downside of this bean bag is it is a bit smaller than it is in pictures. This means, it is not recommended for those who are large and tall.

13. Intex Beanless Bag Inflatable Chair

Intex Beanless Chair comes in beige color and could go with any furniture in your home. This chair is inflatable and is made of lightweight materials. The flow can expand the chair and deflate it easily as well. It is easy to store away and it works well with patching kits which means if your chair was accidentally poked, it could easily be patched and fixed. This chair is perfect for gaming, reading and watching movies.

14. Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon

Jaxx is made of high quality materials and comes with fashionable design. This bean bag chair comes in different color schemes and could be used in two different positions. It offers comfortability and provides relief and support on lower back, head, neck, mid back and legs. It is easy to clean and wash. Jaxx also has a toll free hotline for any queries or concerns.

15. Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Best Bean Bag Chair

This model is a 6-foot bean bag chair which looks like a couch. This product is being offered in different sizes – 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet. It is made of high class and high quality materials which makes this bean bag one of the most durable bean bag chairs. It is highly recommended for both adults and children of all ages. It is also pet friendly as it is made of micro suede cover. It is easy to clean and is easily washable.

Bean Bag Chair Vs. Foam Seat Chair

Traditional gaming chairs and some bean bag chairs are made of foam cushion inside. The foam is usually comfortable and provides its users support. With that said, it is usually asked, how do bean bags stand up against a normal chair. Here are some advantages of using a bean bag as a gaming chair.

  1. Potential to reduce back pain – As bean bags usually does not support back and neck but they encourage you to be able to sit evenly wherein the chair will conform to your body. This means, a bean bag chair actually will improve your posture.
  2. Easier to relax – Bean bag chairs are very comfortable. Since it has no frame, your body will simply sink into the beans which creates a very comfortable space for sitting.
  3. Time-tested technology – Bean bag chairs are made of artificial beans that last longer and this type of seating technology is one of the top choices for longer periods of sitting.
  4. Good for your health- It has been proven that sitting on low chairs are good for your body as you will have to use more muscles to lower yourself and when you get up from the seat.

Though these type of chairs are not traditionally marketed as ergonomic design, it provides many health benefits which traditional foam seat chairs cannot provide.


1. What are the benefits of using a bean bag chair?

Bean bag chairs are easy to store. They are more comfortable to sit on and help its users to relax more. They are highly recommended for meditation.

2. Which material should I choose for the stuffing?

We highly recommend for you to choose a bean bag chair that is made of expanded polystyrene. This way it is possible to easily replace spilled EPS online.

3. Are they suitable for users suffering from back pain?

Bean bag chairs do not offer ergonomic support unlike the traditional seats. However, they are very comfortable to sit on but it is not recommended for it to be used on extended periods. Depending on the style, some bean bag chairs come with neck support.

4. Don’t they break easily?

Durability depends on different factors. One of which is the materials used. Aside from that, the extent of how much you use the product also affects the general wear and tear. With this, we highly recommend high quality brands that are made with double stitches.

5. Should I buy a small or large bean bag chair?

Budget and space are just a few of the most important factors you would need to consider in purchasing a bean bag chair. Thus, when purchasing you will need to check the size of the bean bag chair and the space where you would wish to put it at.

6. How often do they need to be replaced?

Most bean bag chairs are repairable which means you could save more with bean bag chairs. Instead of replacing them, you could have them repaired.

7. Can bean bags really help babies with colic?

If you have a baby who is suffering from colic, there are special range of bean bags specially made for those who are suffering from colic. All you have to do is to hold your child in an upright position.

8. Can I use a bean bag outdoors?

There are styles and models that could be brought outside. We highly suggest that you purchase one that is easily cleaned and could be washed. This way, you could use it not only outside but also inside the house.

9. Are bean bags suitable for gaming?

We do not recommend cheap bean bag chairs for extended gaming sessions as it could be a little bit uncomfortable but there are bean bag chairs that are designed specifically for gaming.


Bean bag chairs are relaxing and comfortable to sit on and purchasing one is very simple. All you have to do is plan according to your style, budget and where you would like to place your bean

bag chair at. All cheap bean bag chairs featured in this article are made of high quality materials and are highly recommended.

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