Best Outdoor TVs for Your Backyard or Patio

There is always a nice feeling being able to watch TV outdoors with your friends, family and it could even provide a romantic vibe with your special love one. With it, you could have more entertainment options other than barbecue, pool, fire pit and the like. Having an outdoor TV would definitely provide you a better entertainment option.

Choosing an outdoor TV could be confusing and frustrating, there are a lot of things you must consider when purchasing an outdoor TV such as could it withstand natural elements such harsh temperatures and wet conditions. Could it withstand rain, snow, heat and cold.

Best Outdoor TVs

Things to Consider When Buying An Outdoor TV

  • Weatherproofing level
  • Display brightness and resolution
  • Durability
  • Resistance from solid particles like dust
  • Liquid resistance
  • IP rating of IP54
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Type – wall mounted
  • Sound system

How We Have Tested the Best Outdoor TVs

After checking and considering the factors that we have listed above, we lined up several TV on a back wall having the same exposure to sunshine, rain and shaded conditions and checked the picture quality, design, features and usability.

We have adjusted them to the same settings and left them out to experience sun, shade, night overcast and other weather conditions. We have checked whether they could withstand the seasonal changes, changes in temperatures and even wet conditions.

Peerless AV Neptune 55 Outdoor TV

Out of all that we have tested and researched, the Peerless AV Neptune is the best overall outdoor TV. Its performance is impressive and is offered at an affordable price. It weighs about 38 pounds with easy to grip handles. Its display provides wide viewing angles and its picture shows vibrant colors. Aside from that, it has LG WebOS smart interface which provides fast and it is packed wth features.

This outdoor TV allows you to download services from HBP Max, Google Stadia and the like. The Peerless AV Neptune has a strong HDR performance which could withstand all types of weather. What is amazing about this TV is its remote which comes with a lot of functions like scroll, motion and point controls. As for the price, this outdoor TV is highly affordable with it being offered at $2300 price tag.


  • Rich colors
  • Superior smart features
  • Operating system
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Dark hover on the edge of being too dark

Seura Full Sun Series 65 In

This TV is huge and it comes in matte screen which makes it perfect to be under the sun. It is bright and it has the ability to fight off glares. It has 4K HDR picture which provides sharpness in its picture which is perfect for all conditions including night, overcast and rain. It is very clear during the day and it allows you to watch even when it is very bright.

Its matte screen could fight off glare, reflections and distortions. It is easy to setup with streaming devices . The only downside of this TV is that it would need a separate sound bar or outdoor speakers. It is 104 pounds and a bit bulky.


  • Clear image even under sunlight
  • Matte anti-glare screen
  • Could withstand extreme heat and cold


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • No onboard speakers

Element Partial Sun Roku TV 55-In

If you are looking for an affordable option, this one is perfect for you. It offers sharp 4K display and snappy Roku interface. In fact, it has a lot of ports which is perfect to connect to other devices. It has impressive brightness level and its picture is sharp. The only downside of the TV is that it is bulky and its bezels are thick.

The Element Partial Sun Roku TV offers the feeling of traditional TV like. Its back panel is easy to access. The Roku remote could replace the physical voice search button and it has sleep timer as well. It offers keyboard, voice controls and channel shortcuts.


  • Affordable
  • Roku interface with AirPlay and smarts


  • Heavy
  • Chunky bezels

Samsung Terrace 65-in

If you are looking for a theater like feel, then, the Samsung Terrace is perfect for you. Though it is on the pricey side, we could say that this one is a great investment. It comes with 65-inch 4K QLED display and anti-reflective coating. Its picture shows a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits which ensures that you would experience optimal viewing even in bright direct sunlight. Moreover, you would definitely be impressed with its color and saturation balance.

This TV runs on Tizen OS which is compatible with both Alexa and Google Smart assistants. Its remote is amazing and its picture has an auto-optimizing 4K AI upscaling restore lost detail. It also has the ability to reduce image imperfections.


  • Accurate colors and sharpest visuals
  • Snappy Samsung Tizen OS with sleek remote


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Backlighting could be brighter

Sunbrite Veranda 3 SEries 55-In

If you love sports, then, this one is for you. It is a bit smaller compared to others in this list but is comes with amazing and impressive display features. It offers local zone dimming, Dolby Vision support and Quantum Dot colors with bright 4K screen at 120 Hz. With its size, we could say it is very convenient.

The downside of this TV is that you would need to get and invest on a separate sound system.


  • 4K UHD at 120 HZ
  • Local zone dimming
  • Android TV Smarts built-in


  • Poor sunlight performance

Furrion Aurora 4k 55-in

This TV is very durable. It is IP54 weatherproof and its display brightness shows up 700 nit with resolution 4K UHD, 60 Hz. It could withstand all four seasons.


  • Designed to withstand harsh climates


  • Does not stand on its own, you will need to mount it on the wall.

Kuvasong 55-in

This TV comes with an external sound bar. It also offers 4K UHD anti-glare display and it comes with a wall mount as well. This TV is perfect for movie night.


  • Smart TV connectivity


  • IR cord needs to be set up carefully

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