Best Buy gives free HDTV with Galaxy S6 or Note 5 on lease or monthly installment plan

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 have only been out a few months, but some individuals tend to hold out on spending their hard-earned cash until Christmas comes around the corner. In the case of Samsung, the Korean giant is being awfully generous with its smartphones this year — bringing as many deals as it can to the table to encourage consumers to get out and pick up what are the best smartphones of 2015. In this deal, done by way of Best Buy, you’ll receive a free HDTV (valued at $200) when you either 1) pick up a Galaxy S6 or Note 5 on a two-year contract or 2) purchase the Galaxy S6 models and the Galaxy Note 5 with a monthly installment plan. As you’ll remember, Verizon just transitioned to offering installment plans for its customers, with T-Mobile having been on this plan. Sprint offers leasing options, as does AT&T with its NEXT plan.

The HDTV in the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 deal only has 720p resolution, but this should be enough for most customers who tend to sit closer to their televisions than further away from them. We’re not sure you could use a new TV, but the smartphones themselves will not disappoint. The Galaxy S6 has a redesign from the Galaxy S5 in which it is now composed of an aluminum metal frame with Gorilla Glass 4 on both the front and back of the device. Samsung has also transformed its old fingerprint scanner into a sensor, with the approach being similar to Apple’s TouchID. The Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled in August in New York City and brings a newly designed external body (similar to the Galaxy S line), the new fingerprint sensor, a new S Pen, top photography and videography, and Samsung’s homegrown Exynos 7420 octa-core processor that is wiping the floor against its competition.

To take advantage of this deal, Best Buy mandates that you agree to have a two-year agreement (whether contract or monthly plan) with a carrier such as Verizon, Sprint, etc. Next, the deal expires on January 2nd, so this leaves you with about 7 or 8 days to take advantage of this deal. If you’ve been holding out on your dream phone for 2015, now’s the time to take advantage of it and get a free TV out of the offer. How many years will you be able to say, “I got a free TV with my smartphone purchase”?


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