Best FPS(First-Person Shooter) Games that are Not Pay to Win

First-Person Shooter games allow you to feel like you are part of the action as you control your weapon and truly become the main character of the story. You get a first-person perspective that makes you experience the danger, excitement and adventure closely. The FPS genre has captured the attention of millions of players around the world and titles like BioShock, Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3 are hugely popular. FPS games are a great way to put your skills and fast thinking abilities to the test and they can help you to release stress after a hard day at work or school.

Shooters have also played an important part in the development and innovation in the gaming industry. Movies like Shoot ‘Em Up and Hardcore Henry have also taken inspiration from FPS games. Playing the leading role in a game and being able to live the action first hand are some of the reasons why shooters are still very strong. There are many great titles available, including options that are free to play. Some games are paid, and others only charge for extras like advanced weapons, gear and other customization options. If you love a game, paying for it, or spending some money to get additional accessories may not be an issue. The problem is when games charge players for the chance to win and things have come to the point in which it is difficult to find games that offer a fair experience for all players.

Some games are free to play, but they give players who pay an advantage over the rest, meaning that in the end, the winner is not decided by strategy or skill. This can make the game less exciting and worth playing since the outcome is decided by a player’s wallet. It is difficult to enjoy a game knowing that no matter how hard you try, or how good you are, you won’t be able to become victorious unless you are paying. Developers need to pay for the servers and other expenses and it is understandable that they look for ways to make money, giving priority to users who pay. However, charging for items that allow some players to get ahead in the game, has an impact on the overall experience.

The truth is that most shooter games offer premium items as publishers need to make their game sustainable, but there are cases in which the game is mainly focused on a pay-to-win system. Warface, Perfect World, Forsaken, Combat Arms and World of Tanks are some examples of games that work on a pay-to-win framework. In general, any game that offers items, powers and extras that can be only obtained paying and that give you a significant advantage over other players, can be considered as pay-to-win. If you are looking for a game that lets you win based on your skills as a player, rather than your purchases, the below options are worth checking.

Coalition – Multiplayer FPS (Android)


Android users will be pleasantly surprised by this free FPS game created by Line by Line Studios. It offers a realistic, action-packed gaming experience that features an amazing selection of weapons and four kinds of characters to choose from: Engineer, Support, Recon and Assault. You play in real-time against players from around the world and there are three modes available. The firing, the weapon movements and settings will truly make you feel like you are in the middle of the battle.

America’s Army: Proving Grounds (Windows PC)

This is the official game of the United States Army and it is part of a popular game series that was started in 2002. Published in 2002, America’s Army: Proving Grounds is a free FPS that offers players the possibility of getting a taste of military life to find out if its a career path that is suitable for them. The game is designed to let you explore the tactics and training required to be a soldier. While it is a recruitment and communication tool for the US Army, it is also an interesting and free game that will attract FPS fans.

Warframe (Windows, PS4 and Xbox One)

When it comes to deciding if a game classifies as pay-to-win, it can be difficult for players to reach a consensus. For instance, Warframe is a popular option that is free-to-play. Although you can pay to speed up things, or to customize the appearance of your character, in order to get the best weapons and other items, you need to play and unlock them. The majority of weapons and frames take a while to get, so if you are patient and like the game, you won’t need to pay to accelerate things. While Warframe is a third-person shooter game, it offers a thrilling experience and some players have managed to unlock a FPS mode.

PlanetSide 2 (Windows and PS4)

Developed by Daybreak Game Company, PlanetSide 2 is a sequel that takes you to planet Auraxis, where three factions battle to gain control over it. Known simply as PS2, the game has reached great popularity levels and it even holds the record for the biggest FPS battle ever recorded, with thousands of players taking part at the same time. Opinion is still divided as to whether the game is pay-to-win or not. However, players who pay are mainly getting cosmetic enhancements for their characters, or resource boosts. Although these boosts can help, many players consider that they are not really necessary to win. Your skills are what will lead you to victory.

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