Best IPad Apps for Presentation and Meeting

Thanks to the iPad it is possible to prepare and showcase professional presentations on the go. This Apple device is ideal for presenting PowerPoint/Keynote slides with high quality and in a convenient way. It is possible to find a wide array of apps that offer features that are specifically designed to ensure that your presentations are successful. Students, business people, artists and many professionals can take advantage on the selection of apps that facilitate presentations on the iPad. These apps can help you to create and share presentations that will leave a great impression.


Apple’s Keynote is the perfect solution to create outstanding presentations on your iPad. It is a unique and comprehensive tool that offers everything you need to create a presentation that leaves a great impression on your audience. Easy to use, versatile and innovative, Keynote is not only the presentation app specifically designed for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it is also one of the best. You can insert images, charts, text, tables and more with just a few taps. There are many great options to highlight your data and you can also include animated charts and transitions. Since iCloud is integrated, your presentations are updated across all your devices. It is available for $9.99.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has practically become a synonym of presentation and the popularity of this option is still strong. The official PowerPoint app offers almost all the same useful features supported on the desktop version. Its intuitive interface allows you to create presentations within minutes. The intuitive interface, the varied selection of charts, images and text options, make PowerPoint a convenient solution to prepare presentations for school or work. The presentations will have the same quality and look, no matter where they are displayed. Viewing, creating and editing presentations are functions available for free. However, in order to enjoy the fully-fledged version you will need to have a suitable Office 365 subscription.


SlidePocket by Marcin Klimek is an efficient presentation and slideshow creator that features smart presentation themes. This app allows you to create presentations using the practical predefined templates available. Creating presentations with SlidePocket is easy and the templates are designed to make sure that your information is well organized. You can add beautiful images and select amazing themes to make your presentation stand out. The app offers everything you need to create an impressive deck of slides in just a matter of minutes. SlidePocket is simple, yet it offers powerful options and rich customization features to help you create great presentations on the go. There is a PDF import option, sharing features and useful tools like laser pointer. It is free to download.


This free app from Flowboard is a must-have solution to create professionally looking presentations on your iPad. Whether you want to insert images, videos, audio or text in your presentation, you can rely on FlowVella. With the help of this app, you can easily create and edit beautiful and interactive multi-media presentations. The interface is smart and clear, ensuring that you can take full advantage of what the app offers, without complications. There are over 25 stylish templates to choose from and they are designed to suit any type of presentation. The presentations created with FlowVella can be shared or kept private and thanks to the cloud store options, you can access them on the go.

Haiku Deck Presentation and Slideshow App

Featuring stunning charts and images, Haiku Deck’s app is another good option to create amazing presentations that capture your audience’s attention. What makes Haiku Deck stand out from other options is the fact that it offers a beautiful visual experience through its remarkable templates. It allows you to create, edit and view presentations anywhere. Your slideshows can be synced across devices and you can use your iPhone as a remote in presentation mode. You can share presentations via email, AirDrop or on your social media profiles. The app is available for free, but you can buy Premium images for $1.99.

LinkedIn SlideShare

Knowledge is crucial when it comes to delivering a presentation and getting tips from the best will help you to be prepared. SlideShare gives you access to the largest community for sharing presentations and professional content. There are over 15 million presentations, videos and graphics available and new content is constantly being added. The topics covered range from Technology to Healthcare and you can save your favorites for easy access whenever you need them, even if you are offline. The app features content from leading companies and allows you to explore information from the top names in different industries. With SlideShare, you can increase your knowledge, learn from the best and share presentations on social media. You can download for free.


Brainshark has designed an award-winning app that has become a favorite solution for sales professionals and anyone who needs to pitch an idea with the help of their mobile device. This powerful app lets you present PDFs, web pages, HTML files and more. It offers remarkable support for all PowerPoint files and keeps the fonts and images, making sure that you get the best results no matter what device you are using or where you are showing your presentation. SlideShark has direct integration with cloud storage services and allows you to download and share presentations on your iOS device and via social media or email. While the app is available for free, you would need to buy a subscription to get all the advantages of the app. It is a good option for businesses.


This free app by Jianzhong Li gives you the possibility of creating beautiful and interactive presentations fast and easily. Creating a full presentation takes only a few minutes and thanks to the creation and playing functions of the app, you can transform a standard slideshow into a unique, captivating presentation. The innovative playmode is designed to impress audiences with outstanding navigation tools. The interface is user-friendly and appealing, offering all the necessary options to come up with a great presentation. The templates and widgets available are innovative and you can include charts, images and more. The app also lets you record, publish and explore featured SlideCasts so you can see what others in the SlideIdea community have created.

Power Presenter

For $1.99 you can download Kejian Jin’s Power Presenter, an app that helps you to show your presentations on a projector or Apple TV with ease. It offers great support for PDF files and if you have the option to upload your file to a website, you can also use this app to present it. Power Presenter detects the projector automatically and sends the signal to the projector using a VGA cable. The app also allows you to draw, highlight text on the screen and there is also a blackboard and web content presenter included.

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