Best Traffic Apps – Avoid bad traffic with these practical options

One of the worst nightmares for drivers is being stuck in traffic and if you are on a rush to get to work, school or anywhere else, it can be really frustrating. Waiting behind what seems to be an endless line of cars is not the best way to spend your time, particularly if you are already late for an appointment or if you had a long day at work and just want to get some rest. The good news is that there are practical apps that will help you to avoid traffic jams. Let your smartphone become an efficient co-pilot and enjoy your driving without worrying about dreadful traffic.

Google Maps

Navigation is crucial when it comes to driving and Google Maps is the most popular solution to get to your destination in a fast and easy way. Apart from helping you to plan your route, Google Maps lets you find the best restaurants, hotels, shops and other businesses within a specific area. It features detailed maps, real-time updates and directions that will help you to get to your destination by car, bike, public transport and even walking.

The powerful technology that Google supports gives you access to real-time traffic information and it allows you to change your route if needed. Since you can get offline maps, you will be able to get around without requiring an internet connection. The app provides transit schedules, detailed business information and maps for thousands of cities and areas around the world. It is a must have, not only for drivers but for anyone who needs to get somewhere, using the best route.

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Waze combines maps, GPS navigation and access to traffic updates from the community of users. Once you have downloaded the app, you will become part of an extensive network of drivers who share real-time traffic and road information to help you to make your commute more efficient. Apart from getting access to live traffic updates, you will also find useful tips to save money on fuel. Waze offers great navigation features that are on a par wit those in Google Maps and Apple’s Maps.

The community contributes with data about roads, best routes and much more. If there are any accidents, road closures or issues causing traffic disruptions, the community reports them and everyone can get alerts. Waze also sends updates of your estimated arrival time and real-time drive to those who are waiting for you. The app integrates with Facebook and Calendar Events and it is designed to learn your favorite routes, frequent destinations and more. Waze is available for free.

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Scout by Telenav is another great solution for planning your route and making sure that you can avoid any issues on the way. What makes it stand out from other options available is the fact that it lets you communicate and share your ETA with the people you are meeting with. The app is ideal for coordinating meetings and setting up routes with friends. You can stay in touch with them while you are on the road through voice chat and messaging, and share your location so they know where you are.

The app also offers turn-by-turn directions and you can customize directions by simply swiping on the map. Scout also gives you access to information on the best restaurants in the area and cheap gas stations. You will also get updates on traffic jams, accidents and alerts that will help you to avoid police speed traps. Scout is a free and convenient way of managing all the aspects of your road trip in a single place.

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Total Traffic

Total Traffic by iHeartMedia Management Services is a comprehensive solution for all your traffic needs. It features real-time traffic maps, an impressive traffic camera network and continuous coverage on accidents, road works and other issues that may affect your commute. It is very easy to use, but it packs a lot of power and will make sure that you are aware of all the information needed to get to your destination faster. The app is available fro free, although it should be noted that it is focused on the United States.

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iPhone users can rely on this convenient app created by Enabled Apps. Many people would rather see the traffic conditions via video than on a map and with RoadCam, this is possible. This camera viewer allows you to check the status of your route and you can save your favorite cameras to get easy access to them. The app is a great option to make your driving more pleasant by avoiding disruptions. However, it only supports some areas in the United States and a limited selection of other countries including Australia, Canada, England, Spain, Norway, Holland and Czech Republic. RoadCam can be downloaded for free, but there are multiple in-app purchases available.


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