BlackBerry Hamburg, mid-range, stops by Geekbench

We’ve seen the BlackBerry Hamburg leak before in images, though we don’t know exactly what the images should be interpreted to mean (unless it’s that one of the two handsets will have dual front-facing speakers), but it’s clear that two more BlackBerry Android smartphones are in the pipeline — and that BlackBerry fans will have their pick of the very best of Android real soon.

And yet, outside of the photos leaked some days ago, no evidence appeared. That is, until now. The BlackBerry Hamburg has now stopped by Geekbench and shows some interesting evidence that makes this phone a mid-range flagship at best.

The BlackBerry Hamburg exists, as a handset, with at least a prototype in existence. This is evident by the 5.2-inch, 1920 x 1080p screen resolution the device is said to have. The 3GB of RAM here is reminiscent of the Moto G4 that appeared in benchmarks before being announced a few days ago (the Moto G4 also has 3GB of RAM), and the 8MP front camera and 12MP back camera are both surprising on a mid-range phone (which could easily deceive you into thinking the BlackBerry Hamburg is a high-end Android flagship.

What really gives away this handset as a mid-range flagship is 1) its Snapdragon 617, octa-core processor and 2) Adreno 405 GPU. The Adreno 405 is possible by way of the Snapdragon 617 chipset, and the 1.5Ghz speed for the Snapdragon 617 is the fullest extent to which this processor can perform. The BlackBerry Hamburg will come loaded with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, currently the most recent Android OS update, but Google has already started developer previews for Android N and plans to unveil it this Fall. If you’re an interested party in the BlackBerry Hamburg, you may wait some months before Android 7.0 N drops.

All in all, Geekbench gives us some specs we didn’t have, but it doesn’t tell us about BlackBerry’s software or the other surprises that consumers can look forward to with the release of the BlackBerry Hamburg.

Are you interested in this phone, apart from two photos and Geekbench benchmarks?


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