BlackBerry Venice shows off BlackBerry apps, Powered by Android activation screen, and widgets

The BlackBerry Venice still hasn’t been confirmed or denied by BlackBerry, but new pictures shed light on the upcoming phone. The set of pictures show a set of BlackBerry apps such as BlackBerry Messenger alongside of Google’s app suite (Chrome, Gmail, Google+, the stock Messenger Android app, etc., which doesn’t surprise us, as these apps have been shown off before).

After seeing the BlackBerry Venice out in the wild, we can confirm that the device is, indeed, an Android device. Although Google’s app suite has long convinced us, we can now see a screen that says “BlackBerry, powered by Android” appear while the BlackBerry Venice is rebooting. If you had any doubts, have them no longer. These images appear courtesy of Android Authority.

The back of the BlackBerry Venice has the BlackBerry symbol (what looks to be small bullets) with the statement “Property of Research In Motion” attached. For those who do not know, BlackBerry is known as “Research In Motion,” or RIM. RIM is the official name of the company, “BlackBerry” being the name of the device.

We’ve been told November is the date for the arrival of the BlackBerry Venice in the US, but we have nothing further to offer at this time. Take a look at the pics in the source link below and let us know what you think of how the BlackBerry Venice is shaping up.

BlackBerry Venice 1 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-71-840x1132 BlackBerry Venice back cover BlackBerry Venice app settings


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