Can You Use AirPods On PS5?

AirPods is one of the most popular product of Apple. Everywhere you go, you would see someone wearing and using AirPods. Having AirPods is very convenient and versatile. It could be used in listening music or podcasts and many more. However, if you are a gamer, you must be wondering if you could use your favorite AirPods with PlayStation 5. Hence, in this article, we shall experiment on this. Furthermore, in this article, we shall provide you useful information which you would definitely appreciate and learn from. 

We first experimented using AirPods on PS4 and unfortunately just like also with PS5, it is not possible to use AirPods straight out of the box. This means, to answer the question, could you use AirPods on PS5? – Yes and No. PS5 is not compatible with any Bluetooth speakers and headsets including AirPods. We understand how frustrating this could be for gamers and AirPods lovers. However, as we have mentioned, you could still use AirPods as there are some methods to be able to do this. 

The first requirement for your AirPods to work on your PS5 is a Bluetooth audio adapter. Through a Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to hear from your PS5.

What happens when you try to connect AirPods to PS5 directly?

As mentioned above, PS5 does not support any Bluetooth audio accessories such as headsets and speakers. Hence, it is not surprising for us to be notified when we tried to connect our AirPods directly to our PS5. In fact, we got an error saying, “The PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio accessories.” The reason why you would encounter this error is because of signal interference and latency. 

Since Bluetooth is scanning new connections all the time, it would mean that it is susceptible to signal interference from other devices. In short, your connection could be disrupted easily. 

Even though PS5 does not support AirPods, do not worry as you would still be able to use your AirPods on your PS5.  All you have to do is use a Bluetooth adapter.

What is a Bluetooth adapter? 

A Bluetooth adapter is a tool that could transmit and receive Bluetooth signal. Through this device, you will be able to receive audio from your PS5 on your AirPods. All you have to do is plug your adapter to the USB port on your PS5 or TV. You could also connect 3.5mm headphone jack area on your PS5. 

Bluetooth adapter is also known as Bluetooth dongle and luckily, this device is not very expensive. In fact, you will find affordable Bluetooth adapter/dongle on Amazon. 

We highly recommend Avantee USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter.

How to connect your AirPods to the PS5 using Bluetooth adapter?

  • Plug Bluetooth adapter into PS5 (either free front or back USB port).
  • Turn on your Bluetooth adapter 
  • Put it on pairing mode
  • Wait for the light to flash to indicate that your device is ready to pair. 
  • Put your AirPods in their charging case. Ensure you leave the box open
  • Press the connect button at the back of the case for a few seconds
  • Wait for the flashing white light to appear. This will indicate that pairing mode has been activated. 
  • AirPods and Bluetooth adapter should be able to find each other easily. Once the light on the Bluetooth adapter stops flashing, it means that your AirPods have already been paired. 
  • Now you could wear your AirPods and start playing your favorite game on your PS5. 

What to do if you don’t get sound from your PS5 on your AirPods?

  • With your PS5 controller and on your home screen, select settings
  • Select sound
  • Select audio output
  • Select Output device
  • Select Bluetooth device

Why can’t you chat with other PS5 gamers using AirPods

We understand how exciting it is to be able to use your AirPods with your PS5. However, you must keep in mind that unfortunately you will not be able to use your AirPods to chat with your gaming buddies. The reason behind this is because Bluetooth adapters are only designed to send audio from PS5 to your AirPods. Hence, if you wish to be able to use AirPods to chat with your gaming buddies, you will have to use Bluetooth adapter that allows to connect with a mic or you could also try to use inbuilt mic on PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. 


Nowadays, wireless earphones are preferred than wired ones. The reason behind this is because it is very convenient and easy to bring everywhere without having to untangle wires. We hope that through this article, you are able to connect your favorite AirPods to your PS5 and enjoy playing your favorite game. 

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