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Preparing for an important event requires organization, but anticipation is also a major part of it. If you want a fun and easy way to count the days to a party, a birthday, your holidays, your favorite band’s concert, a wedding or any other event, why don’t you try one of the apps that we have included in our list? These apps will help you to get ready for that day that you are looking forward to. They offer handy countdowns that will help you to keep track of time as it passes by and the day of the event gets closer and closer. We will take a look at the best countdown apps for Android and iOS.

Before we start with the list, it is worth mentioning a couple of aspects that need to be considered when choosing the best countdown apps. First of all, it should be noted that there are apps that focus on specific events such as New Year and Christmas. However, if you don’t celebrate these, or want an app that is more versatile, it is important to look for an app that covers more than just particular celebrations. Apart from getting an app that allows you to track time to any date or event, it is also worth considering an app that has a good looking interface. It is important to look for apps that feature colors, photos and countdown clocks that have a nice appearance. We have also paid special attention to apps that support multiple countdowns so that you can keep track of different dates that you are looking forward to. Here are the apps that we recommend.

Countdown + Calendar (Lite)

This is another app that lets you set up countdowns in different categories including vacation, concert, wedding, birthday and anniversary. You can select a theme and modify the color, font and background shade. It is possible to check your countdowns on one screen or choose the ones that you want to see in full view. It also gives you access to calendar and Facebook events in one place. It is also possible to create notifications for activities and holidays in a separate way. You can also select the default alert time. The app offers different units including years, months, minutes and seconds. Countdown + Calendar Lite is an app created by Apps Beyond and it also worth noting that it supports social features so you can share your events with family and friend, ensuring that they get reminders of events that they are also interested in. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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Countdown Star

This app created by Joseph Merrill will allow you to set up the countdown on the clock, for convenience. It is a practical solution to keep track of the time that is left til your favorite dates and upcoming special events. Regardless of the type of event, you will be able to know exactly how long until the day arrives, with the help of Countdown Star. You can customize the time units as preferred, so you can find out how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months you have to wait, or how much time has passed since a special event took place. You can see the events on the widget or on your smartwatch. There are many different backgrounds available and you will be able to take a photo or choose an image that is already on your library. You can set the exact time for every event and share the time with other people via email and social media.

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This app created by Rongsheng Li stands out thanks to the fact that it supports different categories. This will allow you to add and manage countdowns related to your work, personal life, special events and more. You can see all the countdowns on the main screen, or select a specific countdown that you want to check. Thanks to the flexible settings, you will be able to select the date format, theme, alarm type, widget style and more. There is a repeating events function that is ideal for birthdays and anniversaries. You can share countdowns using just a tap with the default sharing functionality. The app also stands out thanks to the great looking themes and varied selection of countdowns that use the days. It is possible to import events from your calendar and choose between different widget styles. With Countdown┬░ you can easily organize events, share them, organize custom categories, set up customized reminder and the app also supports iCloud backup and it can be used as a widget.


Big Days – Events Countdown

Big Days is an app that allows you to keep track of any events in a simple and efficient way. You will be able to see the days that are left until your birthday, wedding, anniversary, party and any other special event. You can also check how much time has passed since a previous event. You can also personalize the events with your own photos or rely on the feature that allows you to find free images on Pixabay. It is possible to create an alarm for each event and you will also be able to select an event that you want to see whenever you open the app.



This app created by WEIPEI DENG allows you to set up a flexible countdown with months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Furthermore, you can even count using heartbeats. Countdown!! works as a reminder that lets you stay on top of the preparation for that special event that you are planning. It also allows you to keep track of past evens so you will never forget anniversaries or other special occasions. For convenience, it can be displayed on the Notification Widget and the timer would ring, reminding you when time is up. Countdown!! features a variety of wallpapers, font styles and colors to help you customize your reminders. You can also share the countdown with friends and family. The app is available for free, but there are in-app purchases that allow you to access more features like photo frames, filters and slideshow mode, while enjoying an ad-free experience.


My Day – Event Countdown

Yalantis LTD brings an app with an appealing interface and simple performance. Using My Day – Event Countdown allows you to follow the main events in your life, making sure that you don’t miss them and that you are on top of any preparations needed. The app shows you exactly how many days remain until the big event you are waiting for. The app features multiple wallpapers that let you add a special touch to each event. You can customize the events using the free backgrounds and themes available, you can also add your own photos. Apart from tracking the time until a special event, you can also check the time that has passed since an event that took place before.

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