Fallout 4 Will Include Free Updates, $30 Season Pass

With both the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series of games to the credit, Bethesda has a history of creating massive games with tons of content. So, what will they be adding to Fallout 4 after launch? More stuff of course.

In a blog post on Bethesda’s website the developer has listed many of their post-launch plans for Fallout 4. They promise regular free updates, which include additional content as well as basic fixes to the game. They harken back to Skyrim, and things like Legendary mode and mounted combat which were added to the game for free after launch. They then went on to mention mods, which we’ve known since the game’s announcement would be coming through mods will be available for both console versions of the game as well. Mods will hit the Xbox One first, with the features added to the PS4 sometime later.

Bethesda then went on to announce the inevitable Fallout 4 Season Pass. It has been given a price point but without any details on what will be included. Bethesda promises at least $40 worth of content for the $30 price of the pass. They base that number on the DLC they have created for previous games. On the plus side, they also say that all DLC will be included in the pass so if Bethesda decides to make more than they currently have planned, pass members will get it all.

Bethesda has done a great job with DLC in the past (horse armor not withstanding) so we can probably trust them when it comes to creating valuable content. It’s also nice that they announced that all DLC will be covered by the pass. It’s happened before that some season passes only cover some of the DLC while other parts are only sold a la carte. Still, season passes are starting to get expensive, especially when we have no idea what’s coming.

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