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VLC is a multi-purpose media player which could be used on one’s PC. This media player is open source and though it is free, it is an effective and efficient tool that could be used for entertainment. It comes with an advertisement free interface and with it being open source, it could support many media formats and streaming.

Though VLC is a great multi-media player and is a favorite by many, there are other multimedia players that are similar to VLC that are as competent. If you think you need to change your multimedia player or you would like to explore other alternatives, we have created a list of best alternatives for VLC and they are the following:

1. KM Player

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KM Player is a great alternative for VLC. If you are looking for an enhanced version for your computer, KM Player is your best bet. It could support different formats like OGG, MKV, FLV and 3GP. If that alone is enough reason for you to stick around, this player offers great audio feature like VLC. Its library could be managed and your movies could be arranged according to your preferred library and playlist. In addition to that, KM player offers a playback section function and it also supports 3D movies. Moreover, it could transform non-3D movies into 3D just as long as you have a 3D glass with you.

For those who love to watch foreign movies or series, you will be ecstatic to know that KM player comes with a built-in subtitle editor. Also, this media player offers A-B repeat feature and playback speed control.

KM Player is free and is available for Windows, Android and iOS.

2. GOM Media Player

Developed by GOM Lab, GOM Media Player is another amazing VLC alternative media player. It also supports numerous media formats that includes audios and videos as well. This media player is perfect for movie lovers as it comes and offers enough features for one to be able to watch their movies. It will in fact, play almost any kind of media file even those that require codec. This tool will definitely help you download load it. GOM Media Player supports AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV and many more.

Moreover, this media player includes audio capture feature which allows you to get parts of a video and turn it into MP3 format. It also comes with a playback speed control and allows its users to customize its interface.

GOM is free and is available on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP SP2 and higher.


MPC-HC or more known as Media Player Classic-Home Cinema is another software which you could check as an alternative for VLC. The style of MPC-HC is minimalistic yet supports wide range of formats. Aside from that, MPC-HC includes features such as being able to support Matroska, VCD and DVD. It could also playback your videos and has a built-in codec. It could also play other formats such as MP2, AC3, 3GP, DTS Audio and many more.

MPC-HC’s users have nothing to say but all positive comments and has labelled this media player as something that could handle all kinds of media files. It in fact comes with a number of extensions and plugins. Through these extensions and plugins, this media player offers high productivity performance.

MPC-HC is free and is available on Windows

4. DivX Player

DivX Player offers more than just being a media player as it could stream your favorite videos to your DLNA-compatible devices. It could handle high-quality files and supports 4K Ultra HD videos. It offers HEVC playback and could handle numerous media formats like MV, AVI and MP4. In addition to that, the DivX Player offers FF/RW feature which allows its users to move through chapters and scenes easily. Its audio feature also comes with a resume-play.

DivX is free and could be accessed through Windows. It also comes with DivX player, media server and converter.

5. RealPlayer Cloud

RealPlayer Cloud is a VLC player alternative that comes with a twist of allowing you to share your videos through your own cloud space. Through your cloud space, your files could be accessed by your devices. It offers playback function and lets you stream the content of your HDTV or your Chromecast apps. Through RealPlayer Cloud, you will also be able to bookmark any of your files and upload and sync your videos.

RealPlayer Cloud offers you a choice of accessing this tool or software for free or for a fee of $4.99 for their premium plan which offers bigger storage space for your videos.

RealPlayer Cloud is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Kindle.


That concludes our list of best alternatives for VLC media player. We hope you are able to choose the best one that will best suit your needs and tastes. If you know of any others, let us know in the comments below.

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