What Are the Popular Reasons to Spy?

Are you wondering if you should track your teenager’s phone? Do you want to know what is the best application to do that? And how to monitor and control tracked phones? This article is for you.

Parents get surprised by their kids’ rapid development. Find themselves in situations where they can’t decide if they are supposed to spy on their phones or not. Eventually, parents would prefer to convince their children of their right to spy; Rather than finding themselves in a problem of awareness. Some common reasons to spy on iPhone:

  • Children traveling without parents
  • Teenagers’ excessive phone usage
  • If kids’ behavior changed significantly
  • The awareness of toxic friends/environment
  • Securing family members
  • Owners tracking their business phones
  • Disabilities

Mobile phones are becoming the most used device by everyone nowadays. Besides being a telephone, it replaced many other devices like calculators, TV, radio, watch, and even books! We can always find someone now using a call logger app by ringing their phone because it must be with them. There is inappropriate content on the internet; social media is toxic. Monitoring someone’s phone nowadays is like reading someone’s mind. And in some cases, it would be the best thing to do for the security of your beloved ones

Is There Software for It?

eyeZy presents complete control over tracked iPhones & Android phones. Everything needed is in one powerful tool to give parents the technical upper hand on their children and teenagers’ phones.

  • Contacts, texts & Calls

Parents can almost control everything on the tracked phone. They can access contacts, calendars, and call logs; They would know everything their kids are doing and who they are talking to on the phone.

  • GPS Tracking

With eyeZy, they can track their GPS location and report their security or strange behavior. They will adjust settings and alerts for visits to places they don’t want their teenagers to visit. And many handy tools to track their kids’ movements.

  • Internet Control

Parents can control internet activities and access the tracked phone’s search and texting history. Apply many settings to control, block, and allow internet and application settings.

eyeZy users can control social media activities on the tracked phone. Social media monitoring, including tracking Snapchat, Instagram, and LINE. Users can set alerts to specific keywords to protect the tracked phones by deleting social media content.

  • Stealth mode

Sometimes parents would need to track phones silently without their teenagers knowing. eyeZy allows them to do that by presenting a stealth mode option.

When Not to Spy?

The answer is simple; When there is no need to do so! After all, every human being has the right to privacy and space. The world is changing; social media is attracting both young and old; social media is toxic in many ways, sometimes. We can’t disagree about any of that. But there would be no reason or sense in spying on someone who didn’t show any symptoms of misusing their privacy.

Parents would need to report their teenagers and children if they use their privacy and space properly, not doing the exact opposite by spying on their phones while they did nothing wrong. That would be a negative communication that the younger will take as if they are not trusted, no matter what they do. And they may misbehave, as they find that it doesn’t matter anyway. By that, we have created a problem while searching for one that didn’t even exist!


If you can’t decide whether it is the right thing to do to track your teenage kid’s phone or not, think about this. If you can convince them that you have the right to spy on them because of something they have done, then you should do it, with their knowledge or without it, using eyeZy.

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