Dead By Daylight: Ultimate Survivor Tips For First-Time Players

Dead by Daylight has grown in popularity enormously ever since its release back in 2016. Although the particular horror/thriller genre of this game might have some gamers shying away, the horror-loving community continues to revel in its gruesome glory. 

Back in the game’s earlier days, there were only four survivors, followed by three killers. But these days, there are as many as 24 psychopathic murderers and up to 27 victims being hunted down throughout the game. 

If you’re only just getting into the game now, you might feel a bit confused by the vast variance of characters, the difficulty level, and even how to get started. You might want to look into DBD codes to get started with as much as possible. Moreover, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good gaming headset for this gaming experience. 

So, we’ve penned down a list of ultimate survivor tips for beginners to enjoy the game with a bit more confidence.

Don’t Consider Add-Ons A Crutch

In the beginning, you won’t have much to play with, just like with most other games on the market; your pockets will be relatively empty, and your chances of survival will be meager. However, after several trials, you’ll start to gather items and add-ons which are collected from chests in the game. 

Depending on what you get, your extras can be pretty helpful. However, it’s still best not to get too attached to these items and add-ons while getting started. For now, developing a survival strategy with empty pockets and low chances of getting through the game is essential.

Moreover, you might feel inclined to hoard the add-ons and items throughout each trial, but this is a mistake; only hold onto the most valuable add-ons and items to prevent collecting things that won’t serve your survival goal. 

Pallets Are Lifelines

While you’re being hunted down by some seriously psychopathic blood-thirsty killers, you won’t have much in terms of defense. However, some items, like flashbangs, can provide you with a quick moment to escape. Even so, one of your best chances of survival is to find where you can collect the most pallets. 

Pallets are lifelines in this horrific game because they empower you as the victim with a bit of grace time to hide silently or slow the killer psycho down just a bit while you get away. 

If You Find Totems, Cleanse Them 

Recently added to this horror game are totems, which are small occult items that can appear on your map and be used against the killers in a variety of ways. 

Even so, if you find these, it’s crucial to cleanse them first. You’ll need to remove any kind of hex or curse placed on the totem before it can serve your willingness to survive the night. 

Flashlights Can Help You Get Away

It might seem a bit odd at first, but flashlights work in your favor in this game and can help you get away for a short while. Flash grenades are also handy in terms of distracting the psychopathic killer from your actual location. 

Dead by Daylight is a horror genre game that might take some time to get into. But as an ambitious gamer, you already know that all you need to do is attempt a few trials, learn tips and tricks, and persist. With this, you can also purchase gaming guides to up your gameplay experience even more. 

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