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How to enable WiFi Calling on the Verizon Galaxy Note 5

Remember the Android Marshmallow Galaxy Note 5 update that made its way to Verizon Galaxy Note 5 smartphones right after the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 were introduced? You may have heard of it but may have never tried to get WiFi calling for your own Galaxy Note 5.

Before getting into how to enable WiFi calling for the Verizon Galaxy Note 5, you should know exactly why WiFi calling is significant. The reason is simple: some individuals live in locations where cell signal coverage is spotty/poor and could better utilize their unlimited calls and texts if they could use both services via their own home WiFi or public WiFi instead. Now, being a Verizon customer and having service provided by the carrier doesn’t mean you have to compromise your calling and texting plan at home just to have the most reliable coverage abroad.

Does this sound like a feature you’d love? Of course it does! Now, let’s get into how to enable WiFi Calling on your Verizon Galaxy Note 5:

  • Go into your phone settings. You can do this by pulling down the notification window and selecting the “wheel” icon at the top right.
  • Once inside your settings, go into the “wireless and networks” section and select “Advanced Calling.” You’ll then be taken to a page where you’ll see WiFi Calling at the bottom of the section (mid-screen). Select it, then enter the information required to in order to access the feature.

With these tips come a few more. You need to know that you’ll be asked to enter your physical, permanent address (street, city/town, state, and zip code) as well as your cell phone number in order to access the feature and be granted access. After doing so, you need only toggle the setting on to enable WiFi Calling (it may turn on automatically, but don’t count on it).

How to test WiFi Calling on your Verizon Galaxy Note 5

Once you have WiFi Calling enabled, the next thing you’ll want to do (as is normally the case) is test out the WiFi Calling feature on your Verizon Galaxy Note 5. The best way to do this is to make a call. Select a contact to call, dial them, and wait until the call goes through. When it does, you should be able to look to the far left of the call at the top left of the screen and see a WiFi symbol beside the phone symbol, like the photos below.


This lets you know that you’ve enabled WiFi Calling for your Verizon Galaxy Note 5.

Are there any other tips you need to know about your Verizon Galaxy Note 5? Feel free to ask away.

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