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What is Carrier Hub App?

An Android app, Carrier hub is well known for having amazing features such as Voice over WiFi which is supported on Sprint or T-mobile network. Aside from that, Carrier also provides assistance to Sprint/T-mobile’s network engineering for customer-reported service concerns. 

In Google Play, you will find Carrier Hub by Sprint and Carrier Hub Magenta by T-Mobile USA. Do not worry, you do not have to be confused as both of them have the same features as Sprint and T-Mobile have merged in 2020. 

This app is pre-installed in some phones. However, if yours is not pre-installed, you might be getting constant notifications for you to download the app. Once you get a notification, we suggest that you tap on it and follow on-screen instructions on how to download and install it. If you keep getting notifications, this means that the app has failed to download. 

Permissions Carrier May Use

  • Phone
  • Physical Activity
  • Location

Issues Caused by Carrier Hub App 

  • Drains battery faster – there have been several reports of battery draining issues after updating and installing Carrier hub app. 
  • High Data Consumption – the app usually keeps on running in the background which could consume more data compared to other apps. 
  • Negative Performance – the most common negative performance is usually phone freezing and lagging. 

MCM Client Requests Are Processing Meaning 

Mobile Content Management (MCM) processing is usually an issue for those who have this app. This means that you will receive notifications after restarting your device. The reason behind this is because your device would try to connect to the cell towers but once your phone has connected to the cell towers, the notifications would disappear. Though that is the case, keep in mind that if you are in an area where the connection keeps dropping, you will get a constant notification. 

Moreover, if T-mobile is under maintenance, unfortunately, you would still get a connection request. You will also not be able to use call, text and data service. If that is the case, we highly recommend that you reach to T-mobile. 

Carrier Hub App Not Responding

Another problem with Carrier hub is its crashing issue. Though this issue is not very common, it could be very annoying when it happens. This issue could be due to several different reasons. One solution could be clearing cache from the settings. To do this, all you have to do is go to settings. Then, select apps and tap on carrier hub. Go to Storage and clear cache. If this does not solve the issue, force stop the app or if you wish you could also factory reset your phone. 

Do You Need the Carrier Hub App?

This app is very convenient and provides a lot of important and useful features such as Voice over WiFi. Though some may think that Carrier Hub app is a virus, we highly could reassure you that it is not a virus nor a spyware. If you are using Carrier Hub app on your T-mobile and it does not cause any issues, it is better that you leave it alone. 

Can You Uninstall the Carrier Hub App?

If Carrier Hub app is pre-installed on your device, the option to uninstall it would not be available. Though that is the case, you could root your device or you could also use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to get access to your phone and uninstall the app. 

How to Disable the Carrier Hub App?

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Tap on the three vertical dots found on the right corner
  • Tap on System apps
  • Find and tap on Carrier Hub app
  • Tap on Disable icon

How to Uninstall the Carrier Hub App?

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

  • Go to settings 
  • Select System
  • Select About Phone
  • Tap build 7 times to activate Developer Options
  • Open Developer Options
  • Turn on USB debugging
  • Download ADB on your PC
  • Extract ZIP file into a folder
  • Press and hold the shift button 
  • Right click on a blank area
  • Click Open Powershell window here
  • Enter adb devices 
  • Through the use of a cable, connect your Android device to your PC. 
  • Run command adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.

System App Remover (Root Needed)

  • Download System App Remover
  • Install the app
  • Launch the app for Carrier Hub
  • Check the box next to it
  • Tap uninstall button to remove the app
  • Keep in mind that the system app remover would need root access to your device. This means if your device is not rooted, you will not be able to use this method. 

How to Disallow the App from Tracking Your Data

  • Go to your device’s settings
  • Search Usage Data Access in the search bar
  • Find and tap Carrier Hub app
  • Turn off usage access

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