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How to fix iPhone stuck in headphones mode

Is there no sound coming out of your iPhone and it seems to be stuck in headphone mode? You may have come across an issue in which even if your headphones are nowhere near your iPhone, it may look like if they were plugged in. Don’t worry, it is possible to solve the issue and we will explore the options in this guide.

Method 1

If you see the ringer icon and the word headphones under it, when you try to adjust the volume, it is possible that the headphone port is obstructed by dirt or something else. You can try to fix this by plugging and unplugging the headphones at least 10 times. You can also use a toothpick to try to remove any piece that is stuck in the port or a hairdryer to get rid of dust. If you spilled liquid, use a q-tip and if needed, remove the cotton from it.

Method 2

The second option that you can try is resetting the iPhone. You just need to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time, until you see the Apple logo.

Method 3

Try playing a long song so that the iPhone locks completely. Then inset an iPhone compatible headset jack. Unlock the iPhone, stop the song and unplug the jack.

Method 4

While the iPhone is locked, plug in the headphones. Then hold down the power button and you will see the slide to power off bar. Unplug the headphones and then press “Cancel” at the bottom of the screen. Check if the sound is working now.

Method 5

Connect the iPhone to a speaker system using Bluetooth and play a song. Then switch from speaker system back to Phone. This is another option that may help you to restore the audio on your device.

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