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How to Find YouTube Playlist Length

Compiling different varieties of videos is a process of creating a playlist. It is considered as a media organizer where your videos could be organized in chronological order in which you would want to watch your videos. Playlists could be added with date created by creator and it also show how long the videos are. 

If you are familiar with YouTube videos, you would notice that the length of playlists is often measured in minutes. However, there are some users who would divide it up into hours which would then specify if the videos’ length is 20 minutes or so, for example. 

YouTubers would use YouTube Playlist Lengths feature for them to be able to list their videos for potential sponsorship opportunities such as advertising, events, promotions and the like. 

Unfortunately, finding the length of a playlist is a difficult and challenging task to do. The reason behind this is because it is not a usual process which you will easily find on the internet. Hence, through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to do this and find out your playlist length as well. 

Methods to Find YouTube Playlist Length


There are amazing extensions available on Chrome for YouTube Playlist length measurement. 

YouTube Playlist Duration Calculator

YouTube Playlist Total Duration Calculator

  • Download the extension from Chrome
  • Open and enable the extension
  • Open it over the playlist 
  • If the playlist is long this means that your playlist has more videos which you would need to scroll to the end of the playlist to view the count. 

Counting Tool

This tool is a very great tool is easy to use. It could help you calculate the playlists length. 

  • Open Chrome browser on your Mobile/Desktop
  • Search 
  • Copy the link of the playlist whose length you would want to calculate
  • Paste the copied link in the search box
  • It will automatically calculate the length of your playlist.

How to Make a Playlist on YouTube?

  • Click Create New Playlist. This could be found on the upper right corner 
  • Select public or private 
  • If you wish to share your playlist, select public. If not select private
  • Click add videos to add your videos into a new playlist. 
  • It is suggested that you add only your own content as other videos’ owners could change or even be deleted anytime. 
  • Name your playlist and ensure you save it. 


Can I count another playlist length as well?

Yes, you could count other playlists’ lengths as well. 

Is there any way I could make my playlist longer without uploading one video each day?

You could upload two different videos and edit them together. 

Why do I need a playlist on YouTube?

This could help you lessen the time when you would have to find certain songs or videos. This is a good way to organize your videos. 

Isn’t it better to just save the videos to my computer so I could play them later?

Yes, this could be done especially for those who have high speed internet and unlimited storage space. 

Can I listen to my playlist after finding the length of it?

Yes, of course you could! You could measure YouTube playlist length. You could also enjoy your videos on YouTube playlist in reverse order and forward. Moreover, you could also comment on YouTube videos and post links in it comments. 


We hope that you were able to find this guide useful. We highly recommend that you use the YouTube App method for you to be able to determine your playlist length. 

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