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How to fix no sound on iPad after iOS update

Many people have reported that after they updated to the iOS 8, they experienced sound issues on their iPad. In some cases, they had problems with their EarPods. They can only hear in the right side or the left side and the sound is not clear. It is constantly stuck on headphone mode. In the case of iPad 4, users reported issues while playing a game. If you are having some issues with your iPad, you can try the below solutions.

Solution 1

Go to Settings, then General and then move to Accessibility

You will find Mono Audio switch under the hearing, enable it and then check the audio issue. Then set the mono settings off and check the audio with the headphones.

Solution 2

Go to Settings, then General and change from “rotation lock” to “sound off”. Wiggle the slider. This will restore the sound. Set the slider back to rotation lock again.

Solution 3

Reset all settings. Then press the Sleep/wake and Home button down at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo appears.


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