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How to Use S Voice on Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features an application called S Voice that allows you to manage the device using your voice. When this option is active, you can make calls, send messages, open certain apps or browse the internet using your voice, which makes it a very practical solution, particularly when you are on the go. In theory, S Voice should be enabled by default and all you need to do is press the home button twice at the bottom of the phone and a screen will appear with a microphone. However, it seems like some models don’t have the feature active so if this is the case in your phone, we will tell you here how you can enable S Voice.

Steps to enable S Voice on your Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Tap the Home key once to access the Home screen. Alternatively, you can tap on the Back key until you see the Home screen. From there, select the Apps icon on the lower right side of the screen.
  2. Select S Voice to launch the application from the list of option on your Samsung S5. You can also tap twice on the Home key to open S Voice, which is how you would launch the app if it is enabled by default, as it usually is.
  3. Once you have opened the S Voice app, you will be directed to the welcome page. There you have to tap the Next button to continue.
  4. Now you will see a disclaimer page, where you can select Agree. This check box is placed on the lower-left side of the screen.
  5. Tap on the Tutorial button. There you can find helpful information to use the S Voice more effectively.

One thing that you can do is to set up a custom voice command, which can launch S Voice without even having to touch the phone. You just need to say the wake-up command and S voice will open instantly. The command that you can use for this by default is “Hi Galaxy”, but this can be changed if you want.

Setting up a custom wake-up command

  1. The first thing you need to do is to start S Voice by pressing the Home button twice.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top-right to open the menu. Then tap on Settings
  3. Select Voice wake-up and then Set wake-up command. The following screen will ask you to say your wake-up command 4 times after tapping the microphone button. Keep in mind that to make sure that the app works well and that it understands what you are saying, you need to use it in a quite space.

Additional S Voice commands

Phone calls – It is possible to call someone by saying “Call (name of the person you want to call) mobile”. You can also say “answer” or “reject” to manage incoming calls.

Text messages – Compose and send a message. You just need to say “Text (name of the contact) message: (what you want to say)”.

Alarm Clock – You can say “Set alarm for (the time you want)” to schedule a wake up.

Timer – By simply saying “Set timer for (the amount of time you want)” you can set up a timer. It can be paused or cancelled when needed.

Search contacts – Say “Look up (name of the contact)” to search for someone.

Memo – You can create notes using your voice.

Music – Play the music you want by simply saying Play and the name of the artist.

Scheduling – You can create and manage events. Just say the task that you want to organize or the event you want to be reminded of.

Control settings – You can also control basic settings. Simply say what you want the app to do. For instance, Turn WiFi on.

Navigate – S Voice can give you directions as well. Just ask it to navigate to where you want to go.

Get the news – You can say “read the news” and S Voice will update you with the lattes events.

Weather – You can also ask S Voice to tell you what is the weather forecast or what is the current weather.

If you are driving, Car Mode is a feature that can work with S Voice and that allows you to listen to incoming messages and make commands without touching the device.

Hands-free with S Voice – Car Mode

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the three tiles icon located at the top-right to see additional settings.
  2. Look for “Car Mode” and tap on it. When you launch it for the first time, you will have to agree to the terms of service.
  3. If your car has a Bluetooth audio system, pair it with the app. Once Car Mode is running, you will be able to make calls, dictate messages, reject calls and navigate hands-free.

Change the S Voice Language

  1. Tap on the Home key once to access the Home screen. From the list of app on your device, look for S Voice and select it to open. Alternatively, tap twice on the Home key to launch S Voice.
  2. Once S Voice is open, select “More options” on the upper-right side of the screen.
  3. Tap on Settings, from the drop-down menu to access S Voice Settings. Select Language and make a new choice.

How to disable the S Voice Launch shortcut

If needed, you can disable the S Voice Launch Shortcut following some simple steps.

  1. Open S Voice and set it up if you haven’t done it already
  2. Select Settings from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Uncheck the Open via home key option

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