Galaxy Note 7 UX shows Good Lock influence

Samsung unveiled Good Lock some weeks ago, though the Korean giant has been testing it on its Samsung Galaxy smartphones for some time, and we had a feeling then that Samsung would implement some features (if not all) into its Galaxy Note 7 UX. Well, it looks as if the Galaxy Note 7 UX will bear Good Lock influence, as a recently leaked video shows the flat icons from Good Lock present in the company’s “Grace” UX (what we call the Galaxy Note 7 UX).

The Galaxy Note 7 UX shows a different color wallpaper for the main desktop, without the mixing or mingling of blues and purples that we’ve seen present on the Galaxy Note 5. Even in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung has toned down the mingling of colors by providing a dark blue wallpaper for the background and bringing something of a lighter blue and white background to its settings pages. With that said, the Korean giant is working on transforming what many have hated the most about TouchWiz.

The video presenting the new Galaxy Note 7 UX (codenamed “Grace”) lasts 15 minutes, but it covers most of the usual stuff you’d expect from these types of videos. It shows a lot of settings icons that are flat with black outline on a white background. I’ve reviewed Good Lock before and said that white backgrounds are not the best-looking in my opinion, but it seems as though they’re a favorite of a number of vanilla Android fanboys who really do like the typical white background. The Theme Store isn’t going anywhere, though, which means that you need not worry about eliminating the white background on the notification shade if you dislike it.

The new UX is in beta mode, though, and isn’t official, but Samsung has done much of the work to make it as close to primetime as possible. What this means is that the company is considering how to make its work better than ever before, and we wouldn’t expect any less. I’ve never had a problem with TouchWiz, but some consumers have — and they won’t touch TouchWiz because of its “atrocious” appearance.

Take a look at the Galaxy Note 7 UX below (screenshots and a YouTube video) and let us know if you like it better than current TouchWiz or are content with the new Theme Store on its 2015 and 2016 devices to such an extent that you’d take the Galaxy Note 7 UX (even if it didn’t have these changes).


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