Ganga Avanta Review

I had no success searching for a flat in Pune; I tried traditional and cutting-edge approaches, which yielded disappointing results. However, after discovering the NoBroker site, everything changed. I was suddenly aware of every flat option in Pune. Two- to four-bedroom (BHK) apartments are available in the 3-acre residential development. Ganga Avanta Price is affordable, ranging from ₹1.3 Crores – ₹2.27 Crores. Each unit will have an excellent combination of modern sophistication and domestic facilities. Thanks to the information provided in the Ganga Avanta Review, I got a virtual feel for what it would be like to live there. 

Ganga Avanta Amenities that Impressed Me

Ganga Avanta is the ideal location for those wishing to invest in an opulent lifestyle. It is a delight and a great investment located in Pune’s Hadapsar neighbourhood. The amenities of my chosen 3 BHK apartment configuration include: 

  1. The area is encircled by verdant greenery, giving it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy Pune’s natural beauty. 
  2. The houses have been created to offer roomy, contemporary, and fashionable living with various alternatives to fit any budget. 
  3. The property offers various facilities, including a fitness centre, sports court, basketball court, and children’s play area.
  4. Additionally, the building provides a wide range of services, including personal assistants, 24-hour security, and healthcare facilities.  
  5. Various public transit alternatives link the property to the city, making it simple to travel about. 
  6. Additionally, there are a tonne of retail and leisure options nearby.
  7. And the location advantage near the resistance is why people love Ganga Avanta residences. 

4 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A Home in Ganga Avanta Residence

1. Ganga Avanta Amenities

Ganga Avanta offers a wide range of amenities and facilities that cater to various lifestyles. These include a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, car parking space, garden, library, indoor and outdoor sports area, lift, clubhouse, children’s play area, spa, and more. This opportunity is available to all individuals who own or lease an apartment. The interior and exterior establishments have been meticulously designed, incorporating some of the finest features to enhance the overall experience of the occupants.

2. Affordable Ganga Avanta Price

The primary consideration for most individuals is the cost. This apartment is a suitable option due to its reasonable pricing and value for money, given all the necessary amenities. Additionally, the apartment’s affordability is further enhanced by the availability of accessible loans facilitated by partnering banks.

3. Ganga Avanta Location Benefits

The location benefits of Ganga Avanta include its proximity to the workplaces in Hadapsar, making it an ideal choice for bachelors who seek to reside close to their workplace. Additionally, the location offers cost savings on travel and other amenities. Some of the geographical advantages of the location include its proximity to the Vaibhav Theatre bus stop, which is 3.0 km away, and Tupe Hospital, which is 3.7 km away. The Dr Ganesh Rakh Medicare Hospital Foundation is located 2 kilometres away from the surrounding entertainment and utility amenities. 

4. The Goel Ganga Group’s Excellent Reputation

The Goel Ganga Group is a prominent and innovative real estate developer that has been delivering exceptional residential projects for 30 years since its establishment in 1989. Their projects are known for their durability and grandeur. Goel Ganga Group is committed to enhancing the quality of life of its customers by providing exceptional services. Our team of dedicated professionals is focused on realising our vision and mission with sincerity, bringing joy and grandeur to every customer’s life.



Selecting Ganga Avanta has proven to be prudent as it is conveniently situated near my workplace, esteemed educational institutions, and various other amenities that cater to my requirements. Ganga Avanta Price aligns well with my budget. I am highly content with this flat, and the Ganga Avanta review aided in expediting my decision-making process while resolving any uncertainties. If you are searching for properties in Pune, you must check verified listings on NoBroker.in before 

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