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Everybody dreams of having a guest bedroom, a home cinema, a full-sized kitchen with American fridge, a home gym in his or her apartment. However if you are living in a big city the likes of New York, Tokyo or Paris, this dreams slowly fades as you are forced to compromise because of high rents. Most people opt to rent simple studios with kitchen, their bed, table, and chairs in the same room. Michelle and Andy were faced with a similar predicament. They had a 309 square foot apartment in Hong Kong and wanted it to have a full kitchen, home cinema, a large bathtub, a gym and cat-friendly spaces. They approached LAAB for a groundbreaking interior design. This video shows what Michelle and Andy were hoping for and what they got. It provides a better perspective of how LAAB transformed the house

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Designing of tiny homes mandates architects to move from the principle of form follows function to form follows time. Space must be adaptable to the owners needs over the course of the day. This means that the area that holds a bathtub in the morning can become the second tier of a home theater in the evening (To get some ideas for your home entertainment check out ) or even a guest bedroom at night. A waterproof roller blind that protects against splashes during showering periods creates privacy for guest at bedtime.




Meticulous planning was fundamental in achieving Michelle and Andy’s design. It depended on absolute synchronization of structure and appliances, components all of which can either move or revealed when necessary creating construction tolerance of just 3mm.The descending storage and movable walls are incredible as well as the collapsible plumbing fixture. All elements including 4K curved TV, the dining table and make-up table and storage have been designed to hide flat and smooth with the purpose of keeping the flat looking spacious and neat.







LAAB also used a range of app-controlled smart home technologies including Philips Hue bulbs and August smart lock. Lights can slowly brighten the room during the morning hours giving the couple a gentle wake-up. The door lock means that they can enter effortlessly or even send electronic keys to friends so that they can help look after their cats.

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