How Did Kratos Get to Norse Mythology

The game God of War has made a lot of noise in the gaming industry when it wasfirst launched in 2018. A lot of gamers love the noticeable changes that its developers did to this game series.

The previous series prior to the 2018 God of War has a theme of Greek mythology wherein its main character, Kratos has a sole main purpose of seeking revenge on many of the Greek gods. Through his revenge his goal was to change his destiny. With this storyline, we are sure you would be confused as to how did Kratos end up in Norse mythology when the plot of the game was for him to take revenge on the Greek gods. Do not worry as you are not alone. In fact, many are wondering about this change and transition of the game which is why in this article, we shall explore this for you to be able to understand how did Kratos get to Norse mythology.

God of War (2018) Setting

As mentioned earlier, the setting and plot of the previous games prior to the God of War 2018 took place in Greece and with it being based on Greek mythology. God of War for PS4 has transitioned its plot to Norse mythology wherein there are huge influences from Norse cosmology.

In this game, Kratos is in ancient Norway particularly in the realm of Midgard. The realm of Midgard is considered as one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Midgard is considered as a realm of mortals which is where God of War’s plot mostly takes place.

How Did Kratos Get to Midgard?

How Did Kratos Get to Nord Mythology

Now we get to the question of how did Kratos get to Midgard? This question has been asked multiple times and the answer to this is actually simple. In fact, some people find it very underwhelming upon learning the answer.

Midgard in early Germanic cosmology which means Earth which is a home for humans but unfortunately it is not a permanent place for the otherworldly beings. Hence, from Greece, Kratos travelled across Europe and came across the Norse gods in Scandinavia. Hence, through his travel, Kratos would experience the gods of other mythologies aside from the Greek gods.

Is Kratos Greek or Norse?

Since Kratos has dealt with Greek gods and now with the Norse gods, you would wonder if he is a Greek or a Norse. Kratos is a powerful warrior who is in fact, originally from Sparta on the Peloponnesian peninsula which means he is Greek and not Norse. Though this is the case, the twist in the plot is that Kratos had a Norse wife named Laufey whom he has a son with – Atreus which makes Atreus half-Greek and half-Norse.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Kratos and the Norse Mythology.

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