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How to Grind Coffee In Vitamix

Vitamix is a blender which has been a popular kitchen tool. It has become a staple and necessity in one’s kitchen due to its numerous functions. One of the functions that many users wish Vitamix has is the ability to grind coffee. Hence, one of the main questions would be is if Vitamix could grind coffee and if so how to grind coffee in Vitamix? In this article, we shall provide answers to these questions and provide useful information which you could use as a guide.

Can Vitamix Grind Coffee Beans?

One of the favorite functions of users of Vitamix is the ability to grind coffee. Yes, that is right, you could grind coffee in your Vitamix. However, you would need to purchase and get a separate grinding container – dry container for Vitamix.

Is Vitamix A Good Option to Grind Coffee?

Vitamix is known for its ability to be able to grind not only nuts and seeds but also grains. Though this feature is very impressive, before purchasing Vitamix for this feature, you must consider some factors such as it being expensive. Hence, if you are purchasing this blender just for the purpose of just grinding, then, it would be better for you to get a high quality and yet affordable grinder.

Vitamix is not just for grinding coffee beens, it is also has numerous other functions and purpose. If you want a blender that is multi-purpose, then this one is your best alternative for grinding your own coffee beans.

How to Grind Coffee With Vitamix

The Vitamix blender comes with a popular, reliable and trustworthy reputation. As mentioned earlier, it could be used for grinding coffee. However, you must keep in mind that you would need a special container for this specifically a dry container which could be purchased separately. You could also purchase a normal and wet container. Here is how you could grind coffee with Vitamix.

  • Add your dry container to the blender
  • Put in your preferred amount of coffee beans
  • Start your blender at a slow or low speed. You could use the variable speed 1
  • Increase the speed to max variable speed 8
  • Grind your coffee beans up to half a minute and you are good to go.

What Level of Grinding Can a Vitamix Blender Achieve?

When using a blender to grind your coffee beans, you must know that you would not achieve any uniform nor fine grind of beans. This means, you would get a coarser, uneven, chunky and larger particles. Hence, these types of beans would allow you to do different types of coffee such as cold brew, french press, percolator and the like.

Unfortunately, if you use your blender to grind your coffee beans, you will not be able to use it for making espresso or aeropress.

Top 3 Tough Vitamix Blenders to Grind Coffee Beans

  • Vitamix White 5200 Blender, Professional-Grade
  • Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional Grade
  • Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade

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