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How to Install Hashcat 6.2.5 On Ubantu 18

Hashcat is one of the most necessary and crucial tools you would need to use and have. It has about more than 300 algorithms which you would definitely want to have in your tool belt. In this article, you will be able to learn how to install hashcat 6.2.5 on Ubantu 18.

As mentioned earlier, Hashcat is a very important tool which means, we highly recommend for you to install it on your PC. Hashcat is available in default repositories. In fact, it uses APT package manager for easy installation on Ubantu.

How to Install Hashcat 6.2.5 on Ubantu 18

APT Installation

The easiest way and we could say the smartest way to install hashcat 6.2.5 on Ubuntu 18 is through package manager APT.

Before getting an updated edition of package manager, we highly recommend that you ensure that you upgrade your Ubantu with the newest features. Get the advanced version of Ubuntu as for sure after a few days another one will be released with additional amazing features. Moreover, we highly recommend that you get the latest APT as well.

To be able to start the process of installation, you must launch and enter the following commands:

  • Upgrade the Sudo App
  • Update App with Sudo

Keep in mind that you will need to wait a bit for the downloading process to be completed. Once downloading is complete, several packages will appear on your screen. On it, you will be able to choose any enhanced packages of your liking.

Restart your computer before you use the sudo reboot. This way your system will be available and will work perfectly. After this step, you will be able to install the Hashcat 6.2.5 easily. Keep in mind, however, that if you have an identical version of the website and repository, then, you would not need to install it. The reason behind this is it will happen on its own. In fact, you would not need any manual installation of it. Though this is the case, in other scenarios, you would still need to install sudo apt hashcat. Hence, you would need to provide your user password and when you are asked if you would like to proceed, press Y. This action will approve your installation.

Utilizing Binary Files

There is another way to install hashcat 6.2.5 if you are having some troubles or difficulties using the APT method and that is through the use of binary files. Through this method, you will have to manually install Hashcat to your Ubuntu system. To do this, all you have to do is navigate through Hashcat’s official website search for the URL to the binaries file. Download it or if you wish you could also use command line. Ensure that you are using the updated version. Extract the file by selecting the extract button. Ensure as well that the 7zip must be installed. You could do this by typing Sudo app. Relocate it to access the terminal.

There are two packages that should be installed through APT and they are Sudo app install libopencl1-ocl-icd and pocl-opencl-icd. If there are errors that you would encounter during the installation process, do not worry as your APT would take care of it.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use in installing Hashcat 6.2.5 on Ubuntu.

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