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How to Print Without Black Ink

Printing in black color is probably one of the most important things especially when you are submitting a report or a project. In fact, black ink is the most used shade for printing which is why often times it is the black ink that runs out. Though this is the case, do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to print without black ink. Moreover, through this article, we would also feature different types and brands of printers and how to address the usual and common issues.

How to Print without Black Ink

Epson Printers

There are times when your black ink has ran out and you would really need to print something on your printer. Do not worry as even this is the case, you could still print and here is how to do this on Epson printers:

  • Open control panel
  • Select Devices and Printers
  • Select printer’s icon and right click on it
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate to the ink set section
  • Click on the Color option
  • Do this even when your black ink runs out
  • Select Apply

What to Do When Your Ink is Running Low

When You Are Using Mac:

  • Cancel or stop the current printing job
  • Open dialogue box on the Epson Printer Utility
  • Select Driver Settings
  • Select Permit Temporary Black Printing
  • Navigate over the media typesetting
  • Select plain paper
  • Select Grayscale from the list
  • Select Ok

When You Are Using Windows:

  • Cancel or stop current batch of printing job
  • Navigate to Printers and Devices
  • Select your Epson Printer’s icon
  • Go to settings window for your printer
  • Select Quality Options
  • Select Plain paper as the type setting
  • Go to Print Options
  • Check Grayscale option
  • Click Ok

Canon Printers

Mac Users:

  • Right click on your printer’s icon
  • Select Properties
  • Select Printer Options
  • On the Printer Features section, select Ink Type
  • Select Color
  • Click Apply

Windows Users:

  • Navigate to Control Panel
  • Select Devices and Printers
  • Right click on the printer’s icon
  • Select Printing Preferences
  • Navigate through the Quick Setup tab
  • Click Grayscale
  • Disable duplex prints and borderless prints
  • Select Plain Paper
  • Click Apply

HP Deskjet Printers

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Printers and Devices
  • Right click on the printer’s icon
  • Select Properties
  • Navigate and go to Ink Set tab
  • Select Color Set
  • Click Apply

How to Print Black With Color Ink?

There are two ways for you to be able to print black through the use of colored ink and they are through:

  • Grayscale printing
  • Composite printing

What is Grayscale Printing?

Though the process of grayscale printing involves the usage of black ink, it does lighten and tones down the intensity of the black color and would make it look like it is grey. Hence, its name, grayscale. However, what is amazing about this printing method is that you could change its scale of grey colors which are displayed. The only downside of this method is that the document cannot be accepted as the official and business documents.

What Is Composite Printing?

Unfortunately it is not what you think it is. No, it is not a 3D printing. Composite printing is printing at different levels of black colors. This is possible by combining different colors.

Here are some black colors which could be printed with modern composite printers:

  • 100 percent black which uses straight up black ink (black ink on white background)
  • Overprint black – black ink used over various background
  • Enriched blacks

Rich Black

This color is a combination of 100 percent black and 60 percent cyan. The combination of these two colors will provide you a deeper, blacker and richer black.

Super Black

This color would help you achieve a super black color. This happens when you print over 3 process colors which are 50 percent cyan, 50 percent magenta and 50 percent yellow.

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