Just how durable is the Galaxy S6? This drop test may surprise you

Drop tests are a special favorite of hardcore tech enthusiasts. After all, if you’re ponying up $600+ for a smartphone, you want it to provide durability and remain long-lasting through the drops that occur on a daily basis. Durability is one feature of well-built smartphones that tends to remain with consumers when reflecting upon an old smartphone they no longer use.

Last year’s Galaxy S5 was made of plastic with a removable back cover shielding a removable battery and microSD card slot for expandable storage, and this year’s Galaxy S6 from Samsung provides an even juicier opportunity to examine the durability of the Korean manufacturer’s new smartphone. Although Samsung has introduced three Galaxy S6 models (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and the water-resistant Galaxy S6 Active), and will introduce another smartphone tomorrow (Galaxy S6 edge+), only the Galaxy S6 was put to the test in this new drop test video.

Tech site Digiato put the Galaxy S6 through the paces to see just how well it stands up against torture. First, the Galaxy S6 was dropped at chest height onto the side of the metal frame; despite a few scratches around the aluminum metal band of the phone, the display remained intact and scratch or crack-free. Next, the Galaxy S6 was dropped from chest height onto its back, the back cover. The result? The glass remained intact and only slight damage to the aluminum frame was done.

The third round of the drop test concerned dropping the phone from above-head height on its back. Finally, the S6 was dropped from chest height again and from above-head height, at both times on the display face. Despite these drops, nothing happened to the display, and there were only a few scratches and scruffs as far as the video camera showed.

The ultimate test of the Galaxy S6’s durability was the most interesting part of the drop test: instead of dropping the phone from the usual, reachable heights, the site decided to “go where few drop testers have gone before” – to take a drone with the S6 travel 50 meters above ground level, then drop the phone and examine the results of the impact. The results of this ultimate drop round are that the Galaxy S6 produced cobwebs on the display. Although this is seen as the ultimate fail for the Galaxy S6, it is noteworthy that Samsung’s latest, basic high-end smartphone (the original S6) only had cobwebs or cracks at the top of the display, with a few scuffs in the middle and bottom of it.

What can be gathered about the Galaxy S6? For the $649 you’ll pay for the minimum, 32GB storage model, you’re getting one of the most durable smartphones on the market. The fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S6 features Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 panel, which is impact-resistant even up to 10-foot drops, only seals the deal.

To see the incredible drop test for yourself, hit up the source link below.


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