Metroid+Logan’s Run-Your Body = Headlander

This morning Tm Schaffer’s Double Fine announced their next title. It’s a 2D side scroller in collaboration with Adult Swim Games called Headlander.

In a 1970’s sci-fi influenced environment you take control of a head in a space helmet. Just a head. He has no body but his helmet has a thruster that allows him to navigate space and take control of other people’s bodies, they don’t even need to be human. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Your head the last remaining part of the last remaining human as all other people have transferred their minds into robots. Seeking clues to what happened to you, and we assume, the rest of your body, you’ll fight through waves of robots while taking over other robots via your docking skull. Taking over other robots gives you a variety of skills and abilities which you can use to progress in traditional “Metroidvania” style.

As with most games designed by Double Fine, the game resembles nothing we’ve seen before. The Buck Rogers design aesthetic is something we don’t normally see in games and it gives it a very classic look. It’s not the science fiction of today, but rather a look at what the science fiction of the past once looked like.

Double Fine promises lots of laughs, which is always a welcome part of any production from the company. We’re looking forward to seeing more this weekend at PAX Prime.

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