Microsoft rumored to be making a move against Android

Expected to officially launch in late March, Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 is rumored to be sporting applications belonging to Microsoft’s mobile devices. According to a source, there are rumors pitting Microsoft and Samsung working together, with the two tech concocting something that will allow the Galaxy S6 to sport the software giant’s mobile applications.

While Samsung still happens to possess the largest smartphone market share on the planet, one of the major criticisms that have always spoken negatively about Samsung when it comes to its smartphones is its TouchWiz interface and myriad number of useless pre-installed applications, which are more commonly known as bloatware. With the release of the Galaxy S6, Samsung will be expected to tone down the TouchWiz interface, and present a near ‘pure Android’ experience to the device, which ultimately leads to the speculation that Samsung is teaming up with Microsoft.

If the rumors turn out to be true, then Google’s Android platform will lose a major percentage of its global operating system market share.After Satya Nadella was promoted to the position of CEO at Microsoft, the executive has been on a rampage to turn the company around, starting with the ‘unified interface’ operating system named Windows 10, which is said to be released later in the year.

Additionally, it has been rumored that Microsoft has been investing in Cyanogen, a company that develops 3rd party ROMs based on the Android platform. Till now, it has been speculated that the company has invested a total of $70 million in the ROM developing firm.

So far, Samsung has remained firm in preventing leaks from disclosing the kind of platform the Galaxy S6 will be possessing. While it has been known that the smartphone will possess an Exynos 7420 chipset (a chipset that can beat Apple’s A8X in the multi-core test of the GeekBench benchmarking test), the software side of things still remains elusive to the public. Perhaps one March 1, 2015, the smartphone populace will finally bear witness to the premium handset that Samsung will be unveiling.


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