OnePlus 4 to continue AMOLED display use

OnePlus has utilized an AMOLED display in the OnePlus 3, a decision that goes against the company’s used of washed-out LCD panels in the OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 2. The reason behind the change in panel tech has to do with the need to appeal to consumers in a visual way. The use of LCD panels is often chalked up to inexpensive cost, but AMOLED panels, though costing more over the years, have provided the great color contrasts that make phones striking to look at and leave a lasting impression each time you glance at a smartphone’s display. LCDs, no matter how color-accurate they may be, will never leave that impression (though I’ve seen a few that can go toe-to-toe with AMOLED). A new report says that OnePlus will continue to use AMOLED displays in the OnePlus 4, though the company is considering a move to LCD panels:

“OnePlus will be staying with Optic AMOLED displays for the foreseeable future,” OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei announced on his Twitter page Thursday.

The reason for the contemplated move from AMOLED to LCD panels has to do with mass production. According to the “via” link below, “The simple answer [for the change from AMOLED to LCD] is that the Optic AMOLED display that OnePlus uses in the OnePlus 3 is hard to keep in stock and the company was having trouble keeping up with demand.” LCD panels are cheaper and far more in abundance, while AMOLED panels, though decreasing in price over the last several months, are still more of a rarity than OnePlus would like them to be. With AMOLED panels in short supply yet with high demand, the manufacturing process gets slowed down and consumers, frustrated with waiting for their OnePlus smartphone, would turn to the company’s rivals as refuge (to be brief, OnePlus would lose profit).

The OnePlus 4, then, will continue to use AMOLED displays, in case some were worried, but it just goes to show that the use of some panels (and components) over others is often a matter of supply. If you’ve ever looked at a smartphone and thought, “It would be perfect if it had such and such,” it may just be the case that the one thing you think would make it perfect is the one thing that was found to be in short supply.

We don’t know what the OnePlus 4 will have outside of its Optic AMOLED display (“optic” just means that OnePlus has a marketing term to express its alterations with AMOLED colors), but we do know that the OnePlus 3 has been doing rather well and has its share of fans in the smartphone market.

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