OnePlus One to get Cyanogenmod OS Update in India

We recently heard that the models of OnePlus One that were to be sold in India weren’t going to be updated to the latest version of Cyanogenmod which was a sad news for people who were interested in buying the device as it was one of the attractive things about OnePlus One. This happened because of a deal that Cyanogenmod made with local smartphone manufacturer of India that had exclusive rights to its OS, but looks like OnePlus might have got it all wrong as Cyanogenmod says otherwise.

Cyanogenmod said that all the global versions of OnePlus One would be updated to the latest version of their OS which is a really good news for everyone in India who were willing to get their hands on OnePlus One. OnePlus made their One smartphone available in India starting the 2nd of December and the company even promised that the Indian version of OnePlus One will get a custom OS and will get updated to Android 5.0 soon enough but looks like OnePlus won’t have to do that after the good news that Cyanogenmod spread out.

If you don’t know OnePlus One is equipped with a 5.5 inch display that supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080P, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SOC clocked at 2.3GHz, 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera on the back while a 5MP at the front and to power it all a 3100mAh battery. The smartphone also runs a custom version of Cyanogenmod OS made especially for the device known as Cyanogenmod 11S, which keeps updated regularly to brings stability and functionality. The smartphone retails for $355 which is the main competitive advantage that OnePlus One has right now.

We have also been hearing about OnePlus prepping to launch a successor to their OnePlus One smartphone and hopefully it would surprise us the same way OnePlus One did.

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