Amazing Online Wedding Ideas During COVID-19

The total lockdown imposed as a result of the coronavirus has affected the wedding industry in ways that may be hard to restore completely. Wedding gown rental services are either closing temporarily or going out of business. Most halls are shut and some couples are canceling their wedding plans for the year entirely.

Unless you are into the online dating business, throwing a wedding party can be a major way to spread the COVID-19 disease or get run-in with the law. But, before you throw in the towel and admit defeat, you should look at the following ideas to host a wedding online that will keep you safe and still be worth it:

Throw A Virtual Wedding Ceremony

It is nearly impossible to have a physical gathering and maintain the rules of social distancing, especially when you get to meet friends you have not seen in a while. So how do you throw a wedding and get your friends to be part of it? Take your wedding online.

You can use Zoom or any other conference video call platform and your friends can join in. What if you want it on a global scale? You can stream it live on your social media platforms. Either way, you will be safe and so will all your friends, well-wishers, and families.

Invest in good technology for your virtual wedding ceremony. Discuss with your internet service provider (ISP) and test the WiFi at the venue days to the wedding. Get a clear screen and make sure that everything is intact before the wedding day. Setting a couple of hours aside to test everything before the wedding will save you from a lot of unplanned malfunctions during the wedding. 

Choose A Navigable Platform Type

You and your partner will have to decide if you want to go with live streaming the wedding or video conferencing. They both have their advantages. With platforms that support live streaming like Facebook and Instagram, guests can chat with one another, while on video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype, guests can see and speak to each other. Just make sure you do that which is more convenient for the majority of your guests.

Get A Committed Administrator

If you are going to host your wedding online, you will need to work with the right team. It’s no longer enough to have your mom do all the preparations and for your friends to act as Adhoc technicians. You need people with experience in hosting online events.

For example, you will need to hire somebody that understands or is a pro at live streaming or video conferencing. This person can put other people who are not so conversant with the platforms through before the wedding day. That way, you will have a hitch-free event that will linger in memories for years to come.

Make A Virtual Waiting Room Or Lounge Available

A lot of virtual streaming platforms provide an option for a virtual waiting room. This is great as it helps guests mingle and have conversations while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Doing this will set the atmosphere for a lively event as the people in attendance would have gotten more comfortable with each other.

Get Your Virtual Guests Involved

Another great online wedding idea you can try out is getting your guests involved in the action. You can ask your guests to comment on picture montages, say a blessing before eating or, make a speech. To make this aspect easier, employing the service of a professional host or master of ceremony (MC) is advisable so that they can help you motivate the guests.

Decorate Your Backyard and Be Entertaining

A lot of wedding luxuries are unavailable at the moment. So what can you do with what you have? You can turn your backyard into a beautiful work of art. Get creative with tapestry, fairy lights, LED lights, chair covers, candles, balloons, ribbons and rugs. Fill your backyard with a lot of light because your wedding location needs to glow.

Since it is an indoor event, include some elements of entertainment. Everyone has been in a funk as a result of the pandemic and it will do a lot of good if your wedding could make people feel elated. So, for your online wedding reception, you can get a stand-up comedian to crack people up.

Decide On A Virtual Wedding Dress Code

Just like physical weddings, virtual weddings should also have dress codes that guests should abide by. This is especially if the wedding guests will be seen on video conference calls. The dress code should be indicated on the invitation card. If the guests can’t get the preferred clothes, they should be advised to at least wear attires that have the colors indicated in the wedding dress code.

Get The Food And Other Goodies Delivered

Plan to have food delivered to your virtual guests’ houses as the ceremony is ongoing or at a specified time. There are a lot of food vendors that provide the service of preparing the food and desserts and drinks, packaging, and delivering them to the doorsteps of your guests.

You can also do the same with the gifts or souvenirs. Doing this makes the virtual experience feel a little less virtual. You can add an extra touch by including a menu and adding flowers to the list of things to be delivered to your guests. 

Ensure You Are Legally Married

Check out the guidelines of your state before embarking on a virtual wedding. The legality of a virtual wedding varies from state to state and even country to country. If your state doesn’t recognize virtual weddings as legally binding and you have managed to find a bride, then you may just be planning a minimony. A minimony is a ceremony where you can exchange vows and renew commitments with your lover without the legal rights of marriage. It is pertinent that this is cleared up to avoid problems in the future.


In the pandemic, virtual wedding ceremonies are a safe way to connect with friends, family members, and well-wishers while getting married to your significant other. It is a smart way to adhere to the COViD-19 safety measures with minimal risk of getting infected or spreading the disease. The ideas shared in this article will help you better plan your online wedding and have a worthwhile experience.

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