Post-OnePlus 3 RAM update brings data troubles

The OnePlus 3 is a great phone, but that doesn’t mean it has gone without its share of flaws and criticism. The 6GB of LPDDR4 OnePlus 3 RAM that are present in the device have done nothing but posed a problem due to bad RAM management that has made the device more sluggish than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge (though an update has fixed the issue). OnePlus publicly said in a statement that the RAM management issue was necessary for the sake of good battery life, but then turned around and addressed the issue in an update.

I just picked up a OnePlus 3 last week (it arrived at my doorstep) and immediately had the new OnePlus 3 RAM update available. I downloaded it and then went about my way with whatever it was I was doing on the handset. Other OnePlus 3 buyers did the same, but not all is well with the handset: at least that’s the claim we’re getting from those who are experiencing cellular connectivity troubles with the handset.

The OnePlus 3 RAM update, apparently, has been followed by a small update that was designed to fix an auto-restart bug and improve call quality (with carrier optimizations), but it appears as though the 26MB update (this post-OnePlus 3 RAM update) has created new problems. OnePlus wrote at its forums that “Due to some reports of issues with Android Pay and LTE connectivity, we’ve temporarily paused the rollout of this OTA. We will address these issues and continue the rollout as soon as possible.”

The post-OnePlus 3 RAM update has caused LTE signals to drop from 4G to 2G EDGE in certain handsets; others can no longer use Android Pay because the update has disabled it, for some reason (which makes the new NFC addition to the OnePlus 3 useless in this regard; what’s the point if you can’t use it for mobile payments?). There’s no word on when the post-OnePlus 3 RAM update will continue rolling out, but it’s probably a good thing to refrain from updating your handset until the kinks are ironed out.


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