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There are numerous online generator sites. However, there is one that has caught the attention of many and that is The reason behind this is due to it not requiring Roblox password. All they need is your account ID and for you to watch video and downloading app as for its human verification.

Through you could use Robux for free. Additionally, you could also customize your avatar according to your preference. The is an online US-based platform which allows you to get free generated coins for you to be able to use and play Roblox games. You could also purchase unique skins as well as easily claim a reward which would only require you to do simple tasks such as completing surveys or opening links.

How to Get Robux From

Keep in mind that using a third party online generator site for free Robux bundle could lead to your account being banned. Hence, be warned before you take the risk of following the steps below.

  • Enter the URL of Proprobux on your browser.
  • You would find a box where your would need to enter your Roblox usename
  • Enter your username
  • Click on Proceed button
  • You will then be provided a selection of specific amount of Robux funds.
  • Select the number of coins that you would need
  • Wait for awhile
  • Perform the activity required for you to verify that you are human.

The steps provided above will provide you not only coins but also the ability to customize your own avatar. Though keep in mind that there are instances that the mentioned site does not work sometimes. Hence, we highly recommend for you to check out other alternative sites which you could use for the same purpose.

Can We Send Robux to Others Via Generator?

We discourage users to send or even receive Robux through the use of The reason behind this is because this is not the right and legitimate way of transferring coins to other accounts. Hence, we highly suggest for you to use the official channel of transferring Robux funds. This way, you would avoid and reduce the risk of being scammed.

Is Legal and Safe?

There are numerous different online generator websites which provide Robux for free and without any restrictions. However and unfortunately, is not categorized as a legitimate one according to Roblux developer guidelines. In other words, it is banned by the developers of Roblux. Hence, if you try to use it for freebies, then, as mentioned earlier, there is a risk for your account to be banned and terminated.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about online generator websites including the We highly recommend for you to use official affiliated websites since it is legitimate and would have the risk of getting your account terminated.

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