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You Can Send a Fax via Windows 10 Effortlessly

Windows is only constant in our lives and systems. When Windows comes up with a version update and upgrade, most apps stop being compatible. As a result of the introduction of Windows 10, a lot of businesses have switched to the new Windows.

The struggle that most businesses face is how to send fax through Windows 10. Some dated online faxing apps are not even compatible with Windows 10. All your struggles and worries will sublime in thin air when you find the best and most compatible online fax service.

If you are wondering about the importance of faxes, you have to know that they are most admissible. You can trust fax documents with secure data exchange and zero risk of information leakage. It also offers a lot of data security!

CocoFax: Best Way to Fax via Windows 10

If your communication is not secure, data or information leakage is likely. It negatively impacts your business’s stand in competition. But, when you have fax as the most rooted communication alternative, you do not have to fret over logistics issues.

Without any reliance over office infrastructure, you can perform fully. You can select CocoFax as the best way to send faxes through Windows 10. The web based application has earned a great patronage because of the amicable structure.  

With its nicely designed interface, the application makes it easier for even first timers to be completely at ease with it. You might take time to adapt to the new Windows, but you can work effortlessly with CocoFax without even a demo.

Send a fax from Windows 10

CocoFax is immensely dynamic for Windows 10. Dynamism and flexibility are two key features of this app that give it a lot of functional leverage.  To be able to fax through a system with Windows 10, you first need to attain a CocoFax subscription. This can be done in less than 5 minutes.

One major benefit of getting a subscription is that Cocofax offers a 30 day free trial. It is a decent time where you can test the application. An assessment of the support it renders and your compatibility with it can be done. 

Post the assessment, you can decide whether you want the app or not. If now, you can cancel your subscription without any added fee.

CocoFax for Windows 10

If you search for online faxing services on the internet, you would see many online faxing alternatives. The search results can be so many that they can make you feel confused. A lot of applications provide free demos and try to make their app attractive.

You have to understand the difference between marketing gimmick and actual deliverable. The deliverables that CocoFax has to offer are far superior and better than any other app. It has stated out information in black and white. No false claims, just sheer performance.

If you wish to cut corners and end up buying the cheapest option, you would risk your communication. The mere reason why people prefer fax is the security it has to offer. If you just end up with something cheap, it might not be the best way forward.

There are high risks of data leakage and unwanted intrusion, risking your performance. Hence, if you do want certainty and surety of data conveying, you have to root for a platform like CocoFax. 

Preferring Cocofax over other online faxing software will be the best decision you take in 2021. There are some vital reasons that make CocoFax different and better than online fax applications for Windows 10:


You can pursue any platform that has internet connectivity for CocoFax. You can send and receive a fax by using a laptop, desktop, PC, smartphone or any other internet compatible device. All you need for CocoFax to function is an internet compatible device.  


You can’t trust any random app with data exchange, especially communication critical in nature. Cocofax is a very reliable platform and is being used extensively worldwide. You can send data and documents around the world without fretting over their safety.

Free Fax Number

You do not even have to attain a fax number as you get one for free. You get a free fax number with the subscription of CocoFax. The application for a fax number can be time taking but you get a number instantly with CocoFax. 

This fax number that you attain acts as your fax identity. You can share this number and any fax you get on this number will appear on your CocoFax account. 

Delivery Notification

When it comes to delivery of the faxes, you will get an update about the success of the fax. CocoFax intimates the user of the application immediately upon successful delivery or receipt of a fax. 

Cost Efficiency

When it comes to other leading online faxing apps, surcharges on faxes and escalating rates can really dig a hole in your pocket. CocoFax is the most economical of all platforms. In fact, it also offers a lot of free faxes without making international fax an exception. 

The rates that CocoFax has to offer are subsidized. Further, the cost you save by not going for a fax machine is also a lot. You save money on your stationery investments, on electricity, fax machine installation and maintenance.

Comparison of CocoFax subscription cost from the cost of fax machine’s purchase and operations will leave you shocked. The difference would record just how much money and infrastructure you could be saving in the process.

Be it an established or new business, saving operational cost is an income in itself. CocoFax helps in attaining that functional parity. It eases out operations and you can clear the space for things that really matter. 


When you select CocoFax, you would know it is so easy to fax through Windows 10. If you are searching for the best adaptable and compatible app for Windows 10, the search should definitely end here. 

CocoFax ticks off many items from the list of what you seek from a virtual faxing app. In fact, it offers more than what is expected from it. 

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