Snapchat introduces video recording along with music playback

Snapchat has introduced a new feature that allows users to record video while playing music on the phone in background. Previously, whenever someone wanted to record a video from the Snapchat app, they have to do it after stopping or pausing the music. Users can continue playing music from any popular music service like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. while recording video.

Snapchat was working on this feature for quite some time. The idea behind this concept was to allow application to create musical snaps without needing a secondary device to play audio to be recorded along with the video. This new feature gives extra creative flexibility to users who don’t have the liberty of having an extra device to record audio for their snaps.

This feature gives Snapchat a tactical advantage over its competitors like Vine. Apps like these will pause the music playback as soon as the video camera starts recording. A lot of famous Viners complained about having no feature like this which is limiting their use of the app and ideas they have for creating short Videos.

The new feature has been rolled out to iOS version of Snapchat. The latest version 9.2.0 will be up and available soon on iOS app store. Android users have to wait a little more for getting their hands on new and updated app to use this feature.

Snapchat has been working pretty hard to make music an integral part of Snapchat experience and this new feature is something that will surely help it to achieve its goal.

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