Sony develops 4 year battery tech

Sony was once at the forefront of the smartphone scene, with its battery tech leading the way, but times have changed: the Japanese Android OEM has said in recent years that it has focused on selling to its own Japanese market, trying its best to stay out of the US market, for example. The Xperia Z series didn’t sell all that well, so much so that T-Mobile actually decided to get rid of the Xperia Z line in its stores (it has done the same with HTC because it wasn’t selling that well — and the HTC 10 has only been on T-Mobile shelves for 2 months). That’s why the company’s 4 year battery tech is to be applauded: because it just might be the thing to turn some of Sony’s fortune around.

According to the source, Sony is developing 4 year battery tech because of the new trend that shows that consumers are keeping their phones longer and longer. The 4 year battery tech can be found in Sony’s new Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact, with what is known as adaptive charging tech that keeps your phone between 20% and 80% charging based on usage patterns:

The Japanese electronics firm has partnered with Californian adaptive charging company Qnovo to put technology into its Xperia smartphones. This includes the new top-end Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact, which Sony reckons will double the life of the battery to around four years. Qnovo’s technology carefully controls the voltage put into the battery at the same time as delaying the full charge, helping to fast charge without damaging the cells.

The 4 year battery tech has come about in these latest smartphones because it doesn’t charge the smartphone up to 100%. The more charging that’s done, the more “shocking” the battery is done — which means that over time, smartphones often can’t hold the same charge as they once did. If you’ve experienced a phone lasting 18 hours on a charge that, in six months has dwindled to 9 hours (50% of its former battery life), you’ve witnessed the need for 4 year battery tech.

The Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact are two new smartphones that seem as though they have little to offer from a distance, but it’s interesting to see that Sony has teamed up with a US company to bring this experience to its customers. Perhaps Sony hasn’t turned away completely from the US, though the lack of water and dust resistance on its latest models (and the company’s decision to kill off its Xperia Z series for the “X” series) shows that Sony is desperate to make inroads for the sake of its business. We’re glad to see Sony making some changes, though we’re sure they’d love for you to invest in their latest smartphones — particularly those who were hopeful about the Xperia Z3 Nougat update.


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