Tourist records his robbery on GoPro

A Canadian tourist named Alexander Hennessy has filmed the whole crime scene of himself getting robbed by a gunman on his GoPro camera attached to him. The gunman, who seemed to be unaware that Alexander has GoPro on it, aimed the gun at the victim and took his backpack and ran away on his bike.

Alexander was riding on his bicycle when he first noticed a man on a bike is chasing him down. He tried to drive his bicycle around him but the robber quickly drove up next to him and demanded Alexander’s backpack. The robber said the word ‘mochila’ which is a Spanish word meaning backpack and demanded that the backpack should be handed over to him. At first, Alexander tried to keep things quiet by saying ‘amigo’ meaning friend to the robber but after it failed, he quickly handed over the backpack and ran away from the scene.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube later, has already gotten over 5 million views. One surprisingly depressing thing to note in the video is that while the incident was happening, no one walking by or passing through offered any sort of help to the person who was being robbed. It was not until the robber took the backpack and Alexander running on foot approached a nearby policeman and told him what happened.

Alexander was on a trip that was a part of the Global Degree community online video series. That’s why he had his GoPro stick to his helmet on which he filmed the whole scene. The footage has been given to the police and it is said that the robber was arrested later that day.

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