Android Apps to Learn Human Anatomy

Learning Anatomy is essential in being able to take care of one’s health. Being able to understand the body is going to make you feel better in making informed decisions when you are not sure of what to do. For medical students, having an anatomy app on your phone that you could easily access is very convenient and important. Here are some best Android apps which you could use in learning human anatomy.

1. Teach Me Anatomy

This app comes with a detailed overview of the human structure. It also has about 250 in-depth articles with colorful illustrations of internal organs that has markings. What is good about this app is you could use it even if you do not have data or internet on your phone since this app could work offline. Through this app, you will also be able to save articles for easy and quick access. Furthermore, if you are preparing for an exam, this app will come in handy as it has a quiz section of over 800 multiple choice questions. This app is offered for free. However, if you wish for a version without any advertisements, they offer a premium version for only $4.99.

2. Essential Anatomy 3

Essential Anatomy 3 is another amazing app which has graphics and detailed illustrations. It offers a 3D replica of the human body and its models are very detailed wherein you could even rotate them and have a 360 peek. Though this app could cost you a bit, it is worth its price of $11.99.

3. Visual Anatomy Free

This app has lots of ads but has lots of features too. It offers 3D designs of the human body and allows its users to navigate the human body. All you have to do is to use your fingers to zoom and even rotate the images. Moreover, this app also comes with an audio pronunciation which would guarantee help you how to speak difficult medical terms.

4. Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

Anatomy Learning is an app which allows you to learn in 3D. Though the app is not available offline, it is practical since it could consume about 1GB space. For those who learn easily through visual, this app is perfect for you. Take note, however, this app is a bit difficult to navigate, but once you get a hang of it, it is a perfect tool to use in learning human anatomy.

5. Human Body (male) Educational VR 3D

As its name indicates, this app offers learning in moving 3D. Though this app is relatively new, it is amazing with its virtual reality like type of images. It offers the male anatomy and it presents a new way to learn through VR. This app is designed for students who could learn easily through visual.

6. 3D Bones and Organs

This app is perfect for those who are focusing on the organs and bones. This app focuses on the skeletal structure of the body and its images could be rotated and studied in 3D. Furthermore, what is more unique about this app is it allows its users to peel layers of the body which will eventually show you the organs and bones. It also offers features such as bookmarks and quizzes.

7. BioDigital Human 3D Anatomy

BioDigital app allows its users to zoom, pan and explore images in 3D. It also allows its users to dissect and peel the layers of the human body. Its images are in high quality and each body part it shows and it lists down conditions which could be related to the part that you are trying to learn. This app offers three different modes or views- isolate, x-ray and standard.

8. Complete Anatomy for Android

This app is well-known for its huge models and its high quality of images. It allows you to zoom any body part and its free version offers the view of skeletal structure and 7 layers of tissue. If you are an essay writer and wish to have a more in-depth learning, you will need to subscribe to its paid version

9. Sobotta Anatomy Atlas

This app comes with high quality images which allows its users to zoom in. It offers different parts of the organs and has markers which lets you know which parts are important to learn. This app comes with about 40 images for its free version and about 1600 figures for its paid version.

10. Anatomy Guide

Unfortunately, this app hasn’t been update since 2014, however, it is still amazing tool for those who would want to learn more about anatomy. This is perfect for those who are serious in

learning and reading about the human anatomy. This app is offered for free but comes with advertisements.


It is difficult to learn about the human anatomy especially with its complicated definitions of each part of the body. Fortunately, learning could now be easier with the use of apps. We hope we were able to help you find a great app which will aid you in your studying about the mentioned subject.

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