8 Apps You Must Have for Easier Travel in 2021

Apps are an important part of our lives as they help us perform various actions much faster. Even better is that with technology evolution, there is always a new app that delivers more information than before. 

App stores have a variety of travel apps nowadays. This is a problem because some of them are highly difficult. Therefore, you may spend a lot of time sorting the ones that are worth installing.  

If you have an upcoming trip, you need not spend several days downloading worthless apps. You can start with these apps and make your travel plans easier. 

Какими будут путешествия после COVID-19: travel-тренды 2021

Google Translate

This app could prove to be your best travel companion. It has a new feature that allows users to take a picture that features text. Besides, you can highlight the text and convert it into English.  

In early versions of the app, a user could only translate English into other languages. However, one could not translate other languages into English. But now, everything is possible! 

Just like includes customer reviews, this app also contains reviews that will help you decide whether to download it. The reviews are also a good place to find out what new features have been added to Google Translate.

Communicate and travel freely!


Have you ever spent time waiting around a displeasing airport environment? 

From the dirty seats, poor Wi-Fi connections to bad food, these are common aspects of the regular waiting area around an airport. 

The people who hang out in lounges rarely experience these challenges. However, the lounges are mostly limited to those flying in business class. 

Bu LoungeBuddy app helps you forget about such problems by:

  • Being free and easy to use
  • Notifying you of all the lounges that you can go to
  • Telling you about lounges that are charge-free even if you are not planning to fly first class
Путешествия в 2021 году – как ковид менят тренды туризма


This is an app that comes in handy for travelers who get stuck at airports due to delayed and cancelled flights. In such cases, US laws provide for compensations. However, the process of seeking a refund is complicated and many travelers end up with nothing.

Nonetheless, AirHelp simplifies the process into a few minutes task. The user only fills in their flight information and some details about the challenges they are experiencing. 

A successful claim leaves them with 75% of the payout. AirHelp also gives referral bonuses to people who use it under your name. 


This is an accommodation booking app that allows the user to search for their preferred dine and rest establishment. Hostelworld also contains filters and descriptions of the accommodation facilities. This quickens the search process.

Besides, the app has an interactive map which is viewable on full-screen. This helps you decide if the facility is in your preferred location to travel to.


If you are always looking for cheap flights, you should consider downloading Skyscanner. It searches the Internet for the least-priced and easiest flights to your destination.

Besides, this app notifies you about the most affordable times to travel to your chosen destination. This way, you can book early and travel during such days. 


This is another accommodation app that lets users find and rent spaces during their stay in a given destination. For example, if you are looking for apartments for rent in Charleston, the spaces can range from apartments to individual rooms. 

Furthermore, the Airbnb app allows the user to communicate with their host. It is all about getting comfortable accommodation at your fingertips.


If you are a regular traveler who does bookings often, TripIt is an app you must have. It organizes your itinerary and even syncs it to your calendar. 

Besides, it has a section where the user’s important contacts and information are stored for easy access. Your information remains safe with this app since it allows you to set a 4-digit pin for security. 

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Trail Wallet

It is not only important to organize your itinerary when traveling, but your expenses as well. This is an app that helps you monitor your expenditure effortlessly.

It allows the organization of travel expenses by month. It also permits the setting of daily budgets. 

Travel Carefreely   

The app marketplaces host countless travel apps. Furthermore, new apps are developed every other day to make traveling easier. However, if you want to travel better, longer, and cheaper, these 8 apps have got you covered. 

How about you try downloading some of them for your next trip? 

And what about delegating your homework to the professional essay company? It will allow you to travel carefreely! 

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