US Cellular Samsung stores to come soon

US Cellular and Samsung have had a relatively good relationship. I remember my days as a US Cellular customer where it wasn’t hard to find a US Cellular Samsung smartphone — one need only just open the door to the retail store, walk in it, and look around. Samsung is looking to expand its presence in the US, seeing that the Korean giant doesn’t have quite the backyard advantage in the US that its staunchest rival does, and US Cellular Samsung stores are soon to emerge out of this new goal.

According to the link below, these US Cellular Samsung will appear at 60 US locations over the next months, with the first concept store already open at a US Cellular location in Madison, Wisconsin. Samsung will use this first concept store and other “store-within-a-store” setups to showcase its latest products such as the Gear VR, Gear S2 smartwatches, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, as well as the Galaxy Note 7.

US Cellular Samsung stores are the first for Samsung, who already has an advantage in retail stores such as Best Buy but hasn’t made inroads with mobile carriers until now. US Cellular is the first American carrier to house Samsung stores within them, which will no doubt bring more business to US Cellular. USCC has made great strides from the days back when I was a customer. After 11 years, I departed from USCC some 3 years ago; back then, US Cellular wasn’t even selling iPhones in its store selection and didn’t have competitive plans and rates (that tells you how far the carrier has come in the last 3 years).

This is a mobile retail store experiment, but Samsung is all too ready to duke it out with Apple on the fruit company’s own soil. The Galaxy Note 5 from 2015 was ranked as America’s favorite smartphone, and the love Samsung is getting here that is now turning heads from Apple has the Korean giant ready to grab even more love this Fall.


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