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How to use mobile internet (3G/4G) on a tablet without SIM or Internet modem support

Tablets combine portability and functionality, allowing to enjoy many productivity features while you are on the go. To get the most out of your tablet, an internet connection is crucial. While the majority of tablets have WiFi capabilities that supports Internet access, you will need to find a wireless connection. This wouldn’t be a problem at home, but if you are on the go, you will need to find a coffee shop or any other place that offers free WiFi connection. Many businesses and public places offer free WiFi these days, but if you are travelling or somewhere where finding WiFi is not easy, things can get complicated. Many users may be wondering how to connect to the internet using a tablet when there is no WiFi connection, since many tablets don’t support mobile data.

It is possible to get a tablet with a 3G connection that is supported through an integrated SIM slot. This means that it is possible to insert a normal phone card with credit for internet access. Alternatively, there can be 3G Internet modem support so you can attach an external modem in the form of a USB memory that has the same data traffic card, which you can get from the Internet service providers by setting up a subscription.There are many Sim Only Deals available to help you. However, if you can’t or don’t want to get a new tablet, there are some options that you can try. Here we’ll take a look at the ways in which you can connect a tablet to 3G or 4G mobile Internet services when this option is available.

First option

The first method that you can try is using the mobile data on your smartphone to connect the tablet to the internet. You just need to enable the HotSpot feature or Internet Thetering. This can be found in the operating menu on an Android device and Windows Phone. If you are using iOS, you can activate Settings/Share Internet connection or portable HotSpot or WiFi. Once you enable this options, your phone will turn into an Internet transmitter. This will allow you to connect the tablet to it, like you would if it was any other WiFi network. The downside is that using this feature drains the phone’s battery very fast.

Second option

The second method that you can try in order to be able to get mobile data on your tablet, is to get a portable router that supports 3G or SIM port. Portable routers work like fixed routers, but they are smaller and come with a charger, which makes them ideal for travelling. They work with 3G mobile internet modems and some of them come with a SIM card slot for Internet. Since they are smaller, they fit in your pocket or handbag and when you switch a portable router on, you will be able to access websites and use your favorite apps by connecting your tablet to the portable device. Although portable routers are very convenient, it should be mentioned that they can be very expensive. However, it can be a practical solution and in the end, it can work out better than buying a new tablet.

Third option

Another solution that you can consider is to use a portable HotSpot, which is a small device that you can carry with you. It comes with a mobile internet subscription offered by a service provider. A portable HotSpot emits a signal on a specific internet coverage area and it has its own battery so it can be easily used on the go. You can usually get it for free when you set up a subscription and it usually lasts longer than common portable routers. They also have the advantage of offering good performance and stable internet speed, particularly on the 4G network. You can test the how fast your connection is with a speedtest. The main issue is that you will need to get a long-term subscription. However, the good speed and reliable stability of the internet service make it worth considering. If you want to be able to access streaming services and all your favorite apps while you are on the go, this could be the best choice.

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