Vsen to allow custom OS in their upcoming modular smartphones

Recently a company named Vsenn came up as a competitor to Google. Vsenn is a competitor to Google because it will be also launching a modular smartphone just like Google’s Project Ara. The only thing that we did not like about Vsenn is the limited amount of hardware customization that can be done on their smartphone as the company will only allow its users to change 3 modules including RAM / CPU combo, battery, and camera.

Looks like the company has a lot more than that as Vsenn will be offering customization with their OS as well. Vsenn announced their partnership with AOSPA which is also known as Paranoid Android, that builds customs ROMS for many type of smartphones. This partnership would mean that Vsenn smartphone owners would be able to flash AOSP ROMS without voiding their warranty and they would also get a dedicated installer to install the custom ROM. OnePlus is also doing the same thing which has Cyanogenmod running on it, also a custom ROM.

Paranoid Android is basically Stock Android with a few unique features added by the developers themselves like Pie Controls. There is a lot more customization available on customs ROMS then on Stock Android, so it’s good to see that Vsenn will allow users who are into custom ROMS to install them on their Vsenn modular smartphone and not worry about voiding the warranty.

After hearing this Google might speed up their Project Ara as the company is still facing a lot of issues with the final working model of the smartphone though they did demo a model of it but had a lot of issues turning it on. Now that both the companies are competing against each other we might see something new from time to time from both to distinguish themselves from each other.

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