Why you should drop “Everything 4” Jason Derulo’s album at Google Play Music

Google’s on its generous giving spree again; that’s right, the Android owner is giving away Jason Derulo’s Everything 4 album for free at its Google Play Music store. To get this album added to your account, you’ll have to have a valid credit card on file – so understand that you’ll have to go through and have your credit card on file like you’ve done with paid purchases. The difference, though, is that you won’t have to pay one cent for this album.

Now, even with something free, there are complaints about Derulo’s music on his album. Many think his voice is good, but the music itself is terrible. I don’t think every song is bad; in fact, there are three songs on the album that are memorable. The other 6 songs or so aren’t that good at all. In fact, I didn’t even remember the song names or tunes five minutes after listening to them.

What impressed me most about Jason Derulo’s Everything 4 album is his song “Cheyenne.” It’s all about how a guy falls in love with a woman he was casually dating. It has that ‘80s sound to it that made music worthwhile some 35 years ago. Many songs today are so modernized that they just don’t have that “heart of the matter” directness that ‘80s music had. Michael Bolton’s “How am I supposed to live without you?,” among others, was and still is a classic. I was born in 1984 but happen to be a huge fan of ‘80s music. I started exploring my world in the 1990s and have an affinity toward music in that decade, but I have great respect for music in the ’80s. I think that America lost its grip on the significance of music and what true songwriting was in the mid-1990s and at the end, but the early ‘90s continued the traditions and rules of the late 80s.

In any case, the question comes down to, “Why should I drop Everything 4 Jason Derulo’s album”? Well, first off, it’s free; it won’t cost a thing to “purchase” it. How bad can it be if it’s free music? Secondly, you should drop Everything 4 Jason Derulo’s new album because of the three songs on it that make it worthwhile. I’ve mentioned Cheyenne, but the other two songs worth listening to are 2) “Broke” with Stevie Wonder and his jamming harmonica and 3) X2CU. With “X2CU,” I had no idea what the song was about – but Derulo impressed me. The song wasn’t what I’d expected (I didn’t expect much), but it surprised me in a good way. “Broke” is a song about how this guy thinks a certain woman is gorgeous but all she sees in him is his money. The conclusion? Since “more money, more problems” result from getting rich, “I’d rather be broke.” While no one wants to be broke, I understand his dilemma. Money brings distrust and suspicion, whereas someone who’s with a person when they have no money and little material wealth falls in love with the person.

You should also drop Everything 4 Jason Derulo’s album because as an artist, Derulo’s got lots of potential. In “Cheyenne,” his masculine voice that then leaps into the high-pitched notes and back into his strong voice is what makes the song. “Cheyenne” is a song all about the heart, love, a special night the writer and his flame shared, how he can’t get her out of his mind, how “I never thought I’d fall in love,” Derulo sings. ‘80s songs are known for love as a unifying theme. Love is something good in the world worth writing and singing about, and when it’s done right, the artist gets inside your head and makes you nostalgic. That’s what happened to me when I listened to “Cheyenne.” The song has been hard to put down since a day ago when I started listening to it.

Derulo does a song with Jennifer Lopez on the album, called “Try Me,” but it sounds like a cheap tribute to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” I’m not even sure Marvin Gaye would’ve thought of it as a tribute to his own sex song, though. As I said earlier, a majority of Derulo’s music makes you want to pay Everything 4 someone else to own it, but the 3 songs on the album that I really like made this free album worth it.

Derulo’s got talent, but his talent is held down by bad music and bad lyrics that seem “cheesy” at times. In fact, if Derulo could get a better producer and better musicians behind him, he’d have a phenomenal chance as an artist. I provide my thoughts on Derulo’s music as a 20-year musician myself, having the ability to sing, write music (yes, I’ve written my own music), in addition to playing a few instruments (trombone, keyboard, harmonica, organ, etc., in addition to having obtained a four-year degree in music performance. I remember my college days fondly.

You should drop Everything 4 the chance to get a feel for Derulo’s album. Just to give you a taste of Cheyenne, which, as is apparent here, is my favorite, I’ll leave the YouTube link below for your enjoyment.



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