Wireless chargers surface in Samsung patent

Wireless chargers aren’t much of a concern for many smartphone users, particularly because the majority of the consumer market still connects their phones to wall adapters and sockets. In other words, wireless chargers are seen as something of a niche problem for those on the cutting edge of tech who worry about such things. And yet, wireless charging seems to be Samsung’s home run project that has really set the Korean giant apart from its competitors. In 2015, Samsung was the first company to bring in-built wireless charging to all of its flagship devices: the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5. And Samsung also provided wireless charging pads for those devices, even going so far as to add new wireless charging stands to the charging options lineup for consumers and give them away in numerous deals.

Now, the company behind wireless chargers for its devices has decided to go even further with wireless charging and add some new wireless chargers to the current lineup. We have it on good authority that Samsung is experimenting with three different wireless chargers that would go beyond the current lineup right now. You have wireless charging pads that let you place your phone down on a flat pad, but these can be an inconvenience for those who want to check their messages, respond to emails, and even read news. Samsung’s wireless charging stands let you use your phone in the upright position while it’s charging on the pad. And, I believe that the new wireless charging stands make wireless charging a lot more effective for users: you don’t have to guess how to place your phone on the pad as you did with the charging pads.

Well, the 3 new wireless chargers found in the latest Samsung patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) consist of the following: 1) a design that lets you sit the phone flatly on top and wrap a smartwatch around it; 2) a slanted top where you can place either a smart fitness band/smartwatch at an angle to charge them; and 3) a deep indented surface where the phone charges in a slanted position (the top of the phone at the top, the bottom of the phone at the bottom of the charger). Of course, the third design would mandate that you can place the phone inside the wireless charger, whereas the other two designs allow you to keep your phone external to the wireless charger.

We don’t know if or when Samsung will use these, but the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 announcement on August 2nd is a good guess. We have a feeling, though, that Samsung is working on making more wireless charger accessories, and we’ll get to see them come to light when the time is right.

wireless chargers design 1

Samsung wireless chargers design 2b smartwatch placement

samsung wireless chargers design 3


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